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funny myths

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Funny Myths
look at link in description after reading to see how the next state myth is decided
Deer Hunting
A hunter had just bagged a deer and decided was' a Kodak moment.
He used the deer' s large rack to hold his rifle, set up the timer on
his camera and got ready to take the picture. The camera got
several very good photos of the deer getting up and running away
with the rifle.
Since poodles are very rare and exspensive in Japan, some decided
to sell sheep, shaved to look like poodles, and sell them for much
more then sheep are worth. Hundreds of Japanese people fell for
this, and reported in to animal doctors because, "Their poodles
weren' t making a barking sound, but a bawing sound."
Cabbage patch death
Gram '
A woman washed her cabbage patch kid in the washing machine
and damaged it badly. Since they were so difficult to come buy she
sent it back to the company hoping it could be repaired. A few
weeks later she recieved a in the mail, and a bill
for the funeral.
Old drivers
An old lady was waiting for a car to pull out ofa parking space at a
crowded grocery store one day. When the car pulled out another car
pulled in front of her, and into the space. The teenager hopped out
of the car and said to the old woman, "I' m younger and faster,
lady." The old lady sits there for a second, then rams the kid' s car.
As she backs up and gets ready to drive away she tells the teenager:
I' m older and better insured, kid."
A woman was very excited to receive a package from family
members from the old country, there was no letter, and it didn' t
matter because she only spoke English anyway. The package
contained a jar of fragrant spice, which the family immediately
tried and enjoyed. Several weeks passed and they had just finished
the last of the spice when a cousin called to ask if they' d taken care
of grandma' s ashes like she' d wished.
After an airliner encounters a particularly rough patch of
turbulence, the captain comes on the intercom to reassure the
passengers that everything is okay and that the flight should be
Smooth the rest of the way. He forgets to turn off the intercom,
however, and everyone in the passenger cabin hears his subsequent
comment to the compilat: "Boy, I sure could use a blow job and a
cup of coffee right about now!" As a flight attendant frantically
rushes up the aisle towards the cockpit to warn the captain that his
microphone is open, a waggish passenger calls out after her, "Don' t
forget the coffee!"
Embarassing death
A man once died by being suffocated, when he forgot to open a door
or window, after falling asleep. The gas from his farts, actually
killed him.
I hope you all enjoy it, in case your wondering i get a lot of my myths, from a site
called warphead. com. cristanan works for the site, so thank him.
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