Email from an Asshole. give him a medal. Give this man a Medal en Rescue Warning The post contains graphic Images Yyou are mended by the sight or foodbye, corn
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Email from an Asshole

Give this man a Medal
en Rescue
Warning The post contains graphic Images Yyou are mended by
the sight or foodbye, corn syrup, and ground beer, you may not want to read
Origami ad
Humane "lav a heat traps tor keens needed
There are some mien: m my " that new to mo good homes r
need a tap A the cats to nerp bring them In Please email me tyou have a tap
and a heart)!
Are you slur rooking tor a trap tor cats?
From new - to Me:
Yes r am can you help me?
From Me to new "M:
r most certanly cam r berieve Hus trap rs tor those who want to "have a heart r
used t to catch a stray cat that kept comig ruin my garage rt rs cameo the
All you have to do rs put some cat 1000 on the Ingmar, and when the
cat comes to eat t, the trap gently contracts rule a hugging piston and
hugs the cat unter you come back to dear mm the We guy Please let
me know runs tall work
Whe- r have never heard ora trap We that r was deterring to the ''
traps you know We the cages tor Do you have any prunes or the trap?
rd We to see how t works swhore r get t Thanks
Pram Me to new --"n
we attached a prune or t sorry rt t rs a mire messy, r havent weaned
the trap m a Mme
From new - to Me:
From Me to new -
Another Intermission
Excuse me?
From new - to Me:
You med that
From Me to new "M:
r dram km the cat r lord you t was a We messy The ran cat r caught knocked over
the worn r gave mm so he woman! get musty As you can see, t made dune
the mess r assure you tms trap rs 100% sate and humane
From new - to Me:
From Me to new W":
mime clearly never seen a rum spur dottore You have a rt you
tinh that rs brood r guess you don! want the trap
were you guts up on we r have one more trap you may we m r actually
thank t rs one or those Have a Heart traps you were tarring about, though We never
heard t cared that
Ream see the attachments As you can see mm the pctures, the my mu have
plenty or room to we sate and rt comes win a mack tube at the end
that rs used to pump warm an min the cage to keep hm warm werre he warts to we
rm sorry r dram have tune to mean the trap rt rs m a we messy because the ram
cat r had m there sparred ms worn and ms cat mod rt went everywhere!
It cut meh off
From new - to Me:
wow cant you read the ad you sch Jerk? r DONT WANT To KILL THEM
How you managed to turn at trap min a woody mess rs a mystery to me but keep
the hell away trom mew COO
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Submitted: 10/27/2010
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#1 - Decept (10/27/2010) [-]
mistake juice for blood
User avatar #2 - AnimeGuru (10/27/2010) [-]
where do you find this **** ?
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