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Remote viewing

Remote Viewing
Remote viewing is a form of psychic perception, and the ability to
percieve, objects, places or events at a location removed from the
viewer" by and/ or time. In other words, you will be able to see a
random place on earth by closing your eyes, and going through
steps that I am about to say. Awesome, huh?
Before we start, its important to know that even if you repeat the
same process, you might not see the same thing you did before. I do
this when I am waiting for something in a line or something.
First thing you need to do is clear your mind, and think clearly. Be
calm, and ignore all outside noises.
Now make your mind an empty bowl.
Now think in your head of a four digit number.
Next visualize a black window in the empty bowl, and repeat your
four digit number ever and ever again, antal an image appears in
the window. Be sure, to push away all other lingering random image
that pops into your head. Do not visualize what you want to see but
the result of your mind tapping into the universe.
You will see a lot of amazing things in this activity. A lot of time I
will see the ocean. Other times I have seen cities and deserts, both
far away and up close.
The mere you do it the easier it gets, so have fun with. Enjoy.
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