Chapter One. This is chapter one of my story. I don't know what to name it so i will be taking names for it. here's chapter 2 /funny_pictures/1110113/Chapter+Tw i still Love You all
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Chapter One

Chapter One. This is chapter one of my story. I don't know what to name it so i will be taking names for it. here's chapter 2 /funny_pictures/1110113/Chapter+Tw

This is chapter one of my story. I don't know what to name it so i will be taking names for it. here's chapter 2 /funny_pictures/1110113/Chapter+Two+The+Nightmare/<br />
heres chapter Three /funny_pictures/1133438/Chapter+Three+The+Playground/

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Complete darkness surrounds us. There is no way of telling of where we are. It' s strange, I can' t tell if there is a floor, because our feet are making no sound as they hit the
floor" below us. Fear seeps in. What if I' m alone? What if everyone else is dead? NCY, Calm yourself jack... Djay.. How did I get here? Think, Think!.. YES! I remember
now. I remember a man saying to us, "If there is stories of it. Is it not real? Is your imagination real? Those stories are as real as you and I. w ell... just you." He then faded
away from my vision... Where was I again when he said it?.. cl right. My Bedroom.
7: 55 Alarm is buzzing loudly in the backround. I strech my arm towards my phone to turn it off. "Snooze" or "Turn alarm ow?" I said in my crowley morning voice. I
decided to click "Snooze". Five minutes later, I got up in agony as I have to face another day in school. Uh school how I loathe you so. Everyday, same shit happens.
Nothing interesting at all. I have my cereal, wake my brother and sister, get them dressed. The usual. "Jack?" said David, my brother. "Yeah ?", "what' s that red stain on
your back?" said David in his 5 year old voice. "Red stain on my back..?" I turned to try to look at my back as I said those words. I touched around my back to feel if there
was a cut, none were found. My fingers feel something warm, and wet. Then a small hole about half a centimeter deep. My eyes widen, my hands start to shake, "C) hyh,
thatit? That' s just a little cut I got from messing with you last night" I said with a weak grin on my face. I try to think about the wound, what could have caused it? What
Finally we' re all ready for school. My sister leaves first, I then walk my brother to school. Not a word was spoken while we were walking to Davids school. As for my walk
back my mind was filled with questions that needed to be answered. Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder, I turn and see Andrew, My dear friend from primary school. My
thoughts are suddenly gone and all I can see is one of my best friends. w e talk as we walk to school, this is the end of the week of our first week in second year. Exciting.
So how was your night?" - Andrew
Alright, weird morning though" - Me
Why what happened?" - Andrew
W ell, to put it simply. I have a hole in my back?" - Me
HA! Yeah, and Em Neil Armstrong." - Andrew
No I' m serious, look at this!" - Me *lift' s up to show back'
W ell, we know this much." - Andrew
It wasn' t me!" - Andrew
We both laugh as I put my shirt back down. Andrew always makes light of a serious situation, it' s been his rack for quite a long time. Still. The hole in my back is making
me a bit uneasy.
School goes by like a breeze with these thoughts in my head. Andrew comes up to me asking if he can stay then night. I said sure, momentarily forgetting what
happened back at my house. Maths, Irish, English, Tech. Graph., Metal Work, Geography etc.., all whiz by, and before you know it, school has ended.
As I return home, I have a sharp pain in my back. It' s so intense that I fall to the floor gasping for air, and fling my arm around the place trying to get a grip
on something. It slowly stops. "My head is spinning, eyes can' t focus, balance is horrible. I try to stand up but fall the second I get to about half way of standing. What the
hell happened in God' s name?? '''Knaack, krock' Before I am able to try to answer that question in my head I see Andrew walk in.
How are you my friend?"
I' m sitting my couch resting, talking to Andrew, he keeps asking "Are you okay? Do you need anything? w hat the * k happened?" All I say in return is
uhuhuh, I' m fine. Stop worrying about me." and "No, I' m fine. I' as much clue as you." We sit there in silence. Taking in what happened over the day. My living
room, looks so vivid to me at the moment. The two couches, the TN, the fireplace, all just slowly becoming a blur. Before I know it. I doze off.
Around 1 A. M I am awoken by Andrew, he
is whispering something. I cant make it out. "Duurde.... slow down.. what' s got." I stop in midst of my sentence and see him almost in tears, saying "I didn' t do it"
over and over again. "What didn' t you do?" as soon as I was finished those words I see a SHADA) W walk by in my room. I suddenly noticed how cold it actually is in
the house. I get up off the couch and ask Andrew "what' s going on", he doesn' t know. He said that he was watching TN at one moment and the next the TN turned
off, then the lights went. w e see the shadow crouching, where is the light in my room coming from? At least its portering what' s going on in there on the wall beside the
doors. an that, we' d be screwed.
We hear a heavy laugher come from within my bedroom.
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