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How could you say that?  :c
How could you say that? :c
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the only thing i can say is, better than CoD MW2
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Kat died way too easily. I mean, where were her shieldzors when she got hit? Everyone else died to give humanity a chance.
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yo that one spartan didnt die. the sniper one. i also love how all the male spartans die as martyrs, sacrificing themselves for the good of someone else, and the chick one just gets Kennedied.
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dude, they designed it to be EXACTLY that. before it was gonna come out, everyone knew that reach died. it wasn't gonna be some awesome winning kill or anything, you got to watch as you slowly get killed off. as for you not feeling anything....it's not a drama, i sure as hell didn't feel anything either. doesn't mean the campaign or story was bad, just means that you're too into the actual gameplay stuff to bother with the story.
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I don't know about either of you guys, but when Jorge died that was one of the saddest moments of the entire game. Same for Kat. She seemed like a bitch at first, but I grew to love her :)
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same when I found out how Jorge was going to die I was like SONOFABITCH
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