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company myths 2

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Company Myths 2
Coke Time
The modern image of Santa Claus in a suit is derived
from advertising illustrations created for The Company.
Cokeacola Superior
It' s the real thing
The corporation sends people around the country
ordering "Coke" at restaurants. If it isn' t real Coke they send the
restaurant a letter reminding them that "Coke" refers to soft
drinks made by , not Pepsi or anyone else.
Diet Pepsi actually has calories, but they get away with labelling the
ingredient incorrectly by paying a yearly tine.
Tootsie Pop
m maul mu.
mun .2
A Tootsie Pop wrapper with a picture of a indian shooting a star
with an arrow, can be redeemed for free candy.
The reason Kentucky Fried Chicken has changed their name to
KFC is because they no longer use chickens, they' genetically
created a that has no beak, feet or feathers and is fed
through a tube until it reaches the proper size. KFC can no longer
advertise chicken because of this, if you' H notice the word chicken
has been removed from their menus and advertisements.
Gatorade was named for the Florida Gators, The university of
Florida' s football team.
Pop Rocks
Eating Pop Rocks with soda causes your stomach to explode, a
famous victim of this fatal combination was Mikey from the Life
Cereal commercials.
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