A Psychology Question. EDIT: Thanks so much guys! Because of you, three of my pictures are in the top four spots on front page!<br /> More for you!<br  psychology Question joke test answer
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A Psychology Question

A Psychology Question. EDIT: Thanks so much guys! Because of you, three of my pictures are in the top four spots on front page!<br /> More for you!<br

EDIT: Thanks so much guys! Because of you, three of my pictures are in the top four spots on front page!<br />
More for you!<br />
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A psychology professer at the University cf Miami knew his students expected a terrifyingly icing Final
Te play with their minds a little twhat tits you expect From a psycology professer?} he only put CINE
question en the turtal exam.
He watched the reactions cf the students as they all opened the exams and saw the cine question.
Initially they all lucked relieved, but as the dificulty cf the question began he sink in, those relieved
Faces sagged he confusion and beastern atten.
All, that is, except fer cine student.
He read the question, tapped his pencil inns his palm a few times, then jetted something dawn en the
test paper.
He walked up be the prefer, handed him the final, and walked out.
The prefer blinked in surprise, lucked at what the student write, and smiled.
The professer mete "1 new en the pup cf that student' s test.
The questoin: What is mu rage?
The student' s answer: This Is.
Eon? 4' ebtter is thum/ l ‘:3
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Submitted: 10/18/2010
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User avatar #60 - JustSomeBlackGuy (10/18/2010) [-]
Last year i had to write an English essay for a final. We were to write about risks. The title was What Is a Risk?, underneath i wrote 'This is'. I handed the paper in. Long story short, the teachers a dousch, and im retaking the class.
User avatar #69 to #60 - BigOleJeezy (10/19/2010) [-]
It only works for a certain few.. And im not one... and neither (by the way im reading) and your not one XD
User avatar #35 - lanstar (10/18/2010) [-]
#58 - HeroZero (10/18/2010) [-]
A keyhole? Dont worry guys I got this!
#65 to #58 - xDMICHAELxD has deleted their comment [-]
#59 to #58 - ihasaname (10/18/2010) [-]
made me think of my key :D
#66 to #58 - xDMICHAELxD (10/19/2010) [-]
#179 - trululul **User deleted account** (10/19/2010) [-]
Courage? hmm..
#182 to #179 - caydelay (10/19/2010) [-]
This picture is entirely eustace!
#156 - TheMonopolyGuy (10/19/2010) [-]
thats not courage,
<--this is
#146 - iownasnake (10/19/2010) [-]
The student after he left the exam hall  
The student after he left the exam hall
#3 - Dariex (10/18/2010) [-]
User avatar #4 to #3 - RaeRi (10/18/2010) [-]
User avatar #7 to #4 - RaeRi (10/18/2010) [-]
awww, on my own picture. hahah. oh well! I just wanted Darlex to know I laughed. out loud. SORRY FOR NOT LAUGHING FUNNY.
#6 to #4 - RaeRi Comment deleted by RaeRi [-]
#133 to #3 - BlueWaffles **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #211 - PieceOfMind (10/19/2010) [-]
It seems more like a Philosophy question to me.
#213 to #211 - TinyHeadHouse **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#42 - theginger **User deleted account** (10/18/2010) [-]
having sex with your mom
User avatar #72 to #55 - AmandaInWonderland (10/19/2010) [-]
my music went perfectly with his clapping.
#229 - GeneralLeeInsane (10/19/2010) [-]
What is courage?

My answer: A dog.
User avatar #247 to #229 - DrFunny (10/19/2010) [-]
He's a cowerdly dog.
#88 - anon (10/19/2010) [-]
Cool Story Bro!
Cool Story Bro!
User avatar #212 - NexusSeven (10/19/2010) [-]
Courage is a small cowardly dog that lives with Mureil and Eustace in the middle of nowhere.
User avatar #54 - captainfuckitall (10/18/2010) [-]
i would have wrote: LIKE A BOSS!
User avatar #185 - hatchetwarrior (10/19/2010) [-]
My teacher told me that in his psychology class his professor had one question and all it said was why? Somebody wrote because and recieved an A+
#186 to #185 - slapyousillyfoo (10/19/2010) [-]
i would have written, "why not?"
User avatar #187 to #186 - hatchetwarrior (10/19/2010) [-]
Thats what i said to him lol. he said he wrote 3 pages about the history of philosophers trying to answer that question and they're different viewpoints and got a c
#64 - roflerman (10/19/2010) [-]
you sir succeed at life.
you sir succeed at life.
#53 - nigeleopold (10/18/2010) [-]
A psychology teacher goes and as an exam tells his students to prove to him that the chair he was sitting on doesn't exist. Most of the students started writing long answers with proofs and such. A student wrote something quickly and gave it to him and left the class as the bell rang. The answer: "What Chair?"
#70 to #53 - anon (10/19/2010) [-]
that would be philosophy, not psychology
#285 to #70 - nigeleopold (10/19/2010) [-]
touche, good point
User avatar #48 - tehleetzorz (10/18/2010) [-]
The professor then replied "NO THIS IS PATRICK"
#50 to #48 - shittyjunk (10/18/2010) [-]
take this tree!
#153 - Sabor (10/19/2010) [-]
Battlesheep is impressed with your courage
#148 - anon (10/19/2010) [-]
courage are when you save a princess by grabbing that dinasurs dick and throw him on bombs, and all you get is a kiss and "cake" :D mfffl
User avatar #40 - zmexybeast (10/18/2010) [-]
i wanna go take a ****** psycology class now
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