Basically: Twilight. Didn't make this but thought it was soooo funny!. I' m Bella Swan years old but I at _ I' m years Fly because FII' . ' Fill Ell . ilac Tali

Basically: Twilight

Didn't make this but thought it was soooo ******* funny!

I' m Bella Swan
years old but I at _
I' m years Fly because FII' . ' Fill Ell . ilac
Talia-'. BEE?. Infra " sit
but I really really hater:
because We so green and shut
lens's has Crieh' '
on % Altair, lent: -air
all the am. because I l '. billig
we this Is the es: at that
an I -In Do‘; -av with Li.‘ In Ian hes
glaring at
the 'aarp
Bella and Edward pussyfoot around
each other because they hate
themselves but sexual frustration
gets the better of them both
that you want a
all the
at any Erik
DH. Mk
alg. l
I' ll! f HAIRE
And they play some baseball and some
evile- come and smell Bella
and she smells like some ******* Nutella to
one cl the ******* and Edward goes *******
and they run away out of course the ******
tricks Bella because she' s all and
and was the **** outta her hand and the
Cullen fam comes of course and Hills
and Edward has to suck the outta
Bella' s hand but its SD HARD cause she
tastes like some tucking Nutella out he stops
before he kills her and its so -"-. and
the end.
so ******* ELIE ME
oh and here you go..
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Submitted: 10/17/2010
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User avatar #4 - tashpiro (10/17/2010) [-]
this makes me acually want to watch them... **** you man **** you
User avatar #3 - raibean (10/17/2010) [-]
I would ask you to do the others, but that would require you reading them, and I wouldn't wish that one anyone... Especially NOT those Twitards...
#5 - anonymous (10/17/2010) [-]
Cullen family made me lol
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