Fun with a mute chick.. click enlarge if you can't read it well<br /> .<br /> .<br /> .<br /> And now for something completely different chick sex story
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Fun with a mute chick.

Fun with a mute chick.. click enlarge if you can't read it well<br /> .<br /> .<br /> .<br /> And now for something completely different

click enlarge if you can't read it well<br />
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.<br />
And now for something completely different:<br />

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I. Cl Anonymous 10/ 17/ 10( Sun) 15:
So, /b/, I was dragged to my friend' s gay ass family reunion over the weekend (l owed him one because he got me out of a shit relationship, long
story). Shit was so fucking lame. This ' t have a single hot relative. I mean, there were some attractive ones but nothing special. Well, after
about an hour or so I noticed this one chick {I' m outgoing to say her name considering this is on fucking khan and you guys could probably do
something to find her). She was fucking smoking, had nice breasts, just fucking hot. I turned to my friend and asked him who she was and he told me
he' d never seen her before- must have been a relatives friend or something he said.
Cl Anonymous 7/ 10( Sun) 1 5: 19: 23 NC?
Cl Anonymous Ity I TM Moun) 1 5: 19: 45
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So, I mustered up some courage and went dyer and began talking to her because frankly the party fucking sucked balls and if I didn' t at least have a somewhat decent
time I' d probably have killed myserf before the night ended. Anyway, I introduced myserf to this chick and all that shit, but she wasn' t saying anything back to me at all.
kinda stared at me while smiling. Then it fucking hit mm this chick was a fucking mute. She knew what I was saying because she' d slowly bob her head and
shit but damn as soon as I realized she was a fucking mute my / instinct kicked in and I realized she can' t technically say no to sex.
But I wasn' t going to rape her, I mean, I' m a sick fuck but that' sjust too much. Plus this chick was likely a friend of my friend' s relative and someone could probably
identify me or something. So I played it cool and just kept flirting with her and she seemed to be taking a liking to me. Well, about if hours later or something everyone was getting ready to
leave and I asked her if she would be interested in hanging out some other time. She kinda nodded her head, walked over to me and leaned towards my car (l drove, my friend is a little
bitch). I was like, fuck yeah you wanna come home with me? She bobbed her head a bit (it' s fucking cute seeing a mute chick doing this shit, it' s such a turn on}.
I Anonymous 7/ 10( Sun) 1 5: 31: 59
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Well, my friend realized what was going on and he decided to go home with his dad and wished me luck. So, I ended up driving this chick back to my apartment. I offered her
some wine and that bullshit but she wouldn' t grab the glass when I offered it to her- kinda looked at me pleadingly. I knew what was about to happen and so did she. I
took her into my bedroom and Bayed her out on the bed. She looked so fucking hot lying there on the bed, I was about to cum in my pants before anything even happened. So, I
took off my shirt and pulled down my pants and Bayed back on the bed. The on top of me and slowly crawled down to my cock. I was hard as a motherfucker and
she fucking knew it. I was prepared for the best fucking blowjob of my life.
I Anonymous 7/ 10( Sun) 15: 21: 06
i am interest
Cl Anonymous ) 1 5: 21 :31 Ntl?
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So she begins to go down on me and Must feels fucking weird. I' m like what the fuck is going on. I mean, it was like her mouth was really fucking dry or something, I
guess because she' s a fucking mute and never opens her mouth or something. Anyway, the blowjob wasn' t going as well as I thought so I pretty much smoothly pulled
her off my cock, looked at her and we both knew that we should just have straight sex instead. So I layed this chick out on my bed and slowly worked my penis into her.
Since she' s a fucking mute her little '' sounding fucking hysterical but at the same time it was fucking arousing. So, I finally got my dick in and she was fucking
tight. It must have been her first time or something, it was insane. So, I began pounding away at her, getting all sweaty and shit I was really into this. As I was pounding
away, feathers began flying all over the place and the chick was muffling out cries. I splooged in her, took my penis out and realized that my dick had pretty much
destroyed the inside of this chick' s body because she wasn' t moving. So, I fucked this mute chick to death. It was amazing. I' m thinking of going to my friend' s uncle' s
farm tomorrow and bringing home a hen.
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