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#155 - ProfessorGigsTwo (10/16/2010) [-]
look at that ad. now look at me. now back at that ad. now back at me. sadly, it isn't me. if it just accepted the fact that the ad isn't as creative as my ads it could sell like the products sold by me. look down. now look up. where are you? you're reading a comment written by the man that AXE could sell products like. what's in your hand? now back at me. its a petition with signatures against AXE ads. look again, the petition is gone and is now submitted to AXE. anything is possible when your company sells like old spice and not like AXE. [old spice whistle tune]
#210 to #155 - brettyht (10/16/2010) [-]
the Petition was passed. look at the producer's of Axe, now to me, now back at them. They are dead.
#157 to #155 - anon (10/16/2010) [-]
you, my man, are a genies.
User avatar #192 to #157 - cantfindausername (10/16/2010) [-]
ur not..
User avatar #176 to #157 - noodlyappendage (10/16/2010) [-]
im a genie too
#160 to #157 - anon (10/16/2010) [-]
3 wishes bitch.
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