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#23 - Emseeem **User deleted account** (12/06/2009) [-]
I love Edward. Why do people hate him so much? I don't get it.
Maybe it's because girls love him more than they love you?
#51 to #23 - anon (12/06/2009) [-]
I think it might be because Edward is a sparkling pansy fag.
User avatar #25 to #23 - shlacka (12/06/2009) [-]
And by girls you must mean geeky, desperate girls with no lives, or geeky, desperate guys with no lives. Normal girls and straight guys all hate him.

We hate him cause he's a gay, sparkling, poorly represented "vampire". Vampires don't sparkle, and gays can't be vampires.
#28 to #25 - anon (12/06/2009) [-]
Yeah, Edward is degrading vampires by just existing, which is why we must crucify Stephany Meyer and have a Twilight book and fan burning, just like in the Middle Ages but with a better reason
#31 to #28 - anon (12/06/2009) [-]
and not only that, but the angels and demons alike will sing to us for disposing of the wretched swine.
#32 to #31 - anon (12/06/2009) [-]
And then Jesus will come to earth and he will say "High Five Bro!" and we all live in heaven forever while Stephany Meyer gets her titties twisted off by Satan and Hitler
User avatar #34 to #32 - Darkstalkers (12/06/2009) [-]
You are the type of people that revive my faith in humanity. You all recieve +37 internets. Besides you Emseeem, you will be burned at the stake for your blasphemy
User avatar #40 to #34 - Kanye (12/06/2009) [-]
I don't even like Twilight...
And if I don't nobody should
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