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#25 - TheRealCharmander
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(10/04/2010) [-]
Wake up in the morining feelin like der fuhrer
write mein kampf tell Germany im gonna make the race purer
before i leave **** my niece with Eva Braun too
cuz when i leave for mein reich im gonna kill some jews
#26 to #25 - TheRealCharmander
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(10/04/2010) [-]
im talking
takin off all there clothes clothes
gassin them till they choke choke
throwing em in some stoves stoves
#27 to #26 - TheRealCharmander
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(10/04/2010) [-]
goose steppin
right into all your cities
spreadin the nazi party
tryiin to take over your country
#31 to #27 - anon
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(10/04/2010) [-]
Nice attempt at copy paste
#28 to #27 - TheRealCharmander
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(10/04/2010) [-]
dont stop make em drop
nazis blow your city up
tonight they gunna fight
til you give into the reich