dog by enzo. Found this on /b/ a few days ago. Thought Id share it with you guys. Dedicated to my Autum wh died one year ago today. Rest in peace buddy.<br / Dog buddy baw
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dog by enzo

dog by enzo. Found this on /b/ a few days ago. Thought Id share it with you guys. Dedicated to my Autum wh died one year ago today. Rest in peace buddy.<br /

Found this on /b/ a few days ago. Thought Id share it with you guys. Dedicated to my Autum wh died one year ago today. Rest in peace buddy.<br />
Thanks for the front page guys. Heres part 2. Sorry for not putting it here.<br />

Tags: Dog | buddy | baw
by one
Mun on not on you on
no only maid»! a haw o no my
no akin] I l ‘unload or no
no manly any old stray?
on HM no no
t you not
no now -
at no on tarm
you no o dunb on... he
no animals at no
named you an =
aftar o was
it srupid ken Loon
lad you own resend
In anyway on by turs
I own ' you wry noun}:
ahat no or on
Jami know
how to an
Mo! on time
you found o an out
no you started moon was on an
our Locum:
may no you on
you noon on
no MI in
ant know hour to Lad
was you now
what no um. on
an woo you in nor»
you so up
I bowl»! and
no o WEK
walled mer"
wodka haw hon n bad
ohcool you nodding sum
my ‘mono you won to mi?
Mun on wand into an on?
in caulk? an you on In
leak can of you
i Mm to out o no times
lad it noon o
I twatt
iso' busy, on zoom on
no not
no not l.
you hurt going u 1: 34»: but
your ohm woo
no not Rh you woo min no
i noon n you mm Pet o on
no its not no
I own knew
how you um. on
my told no
but youd go no stay out all Jay
iii- no only new: loom
on at night
cass', f
no a sail
hm mono. not no my LOL
no may tell no ' fair
no you Paully noonoo
how to bwd
cuss no l said
no o on moon In on
4 moo or
no my told no
how you on
really an
no alot,,
no lazy
no a sail
that wand: wat an my o
no any you no
no you punta away lo» no
leaking you
on our not walk
you not o Jump
right In no moo
no poi on i
on about In you
or no
on um
ll you and no
at no bus an
f? l moo animal 9
woo dump his
L no long.» rosto
In woo aways u
M on for Alum
no l Urania-
now on no prob! o
could law
no New
I hid! an nirvana:
q no rm Jay
at my our wheel
hon! l on my pool.
windy tom out
lawn: a Dsnt on of Non:
woman, it our
awn mount.
I an o ddosed low
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#88 - larryiscoolio
Reply +32
(10/02/2010) [-]
This story reminds me of a dog I once had a thousand years ago. It was a stray and it would wait for me when I made my pizza deliveries. Unfortunatly I got frozen and never saw that dog agian. Im sure that it didn't really care for me anyways.
#290 to #88 - simfar
Reply 0
(10/02/2010) [-]
you know, i was wondering if this was gonna come up
#101 to #88 - Nayte
Reply +2
(10/02/2010) [-]
hmmmm, that avatar....
#95 to #88 - Keewee
Reply +3
(10/02/2010) [-]
Stupid bender threw it in the lava and melted the dna and it couldnt be cloned
#299 - TormasterP
Reply +29
(10/02/2010) [-]
I waited for you, fry.
I waited for you, fry.
#323 to #299 - anon
Reply 0
(10/02/2010) [-]
I ******* cried at that episode. :'(
#324 to #299 - OHHELLSNO
Reply 0
(10/02/2010) [-]
oh fuk u that episode made me sad ;(
#343 to #299 - LesterDragon **User deleted account**
has deleted their comment [-]
#313 to #299 - CptPepper
Reply +2
(10/02/2010) [-]

heres a link for the song

#314 to #313 - CptPepper
Reply +1
(10/02/2010) [-]
#315 to #314 - CptPepper
Reply +1
(10/02/2010) [-]
well ****..........
#304 to #299 - CptPepper
Reply +4
(10/02/2010) [-]
OMG, saddest thing ever.

if you didnt cry you have no soul
#300 to #299 - TheAmericadian
Reply +7
(10/02/2010) [-]
#53 - lolwutbbqsauce
Reply +24
(10/02/2010) [-]
#400 to #53 - jakeyjakejake [OP]
Reply 0
(10/02/2010) [-]
Sorry dude. I uploaded it now. Check the description.
#212 - CityKid
Reply +14
(10/02/2010) [-]
I don't mean to break the sad mood or anything hut

"Your the only one i told. Because even though Im a colossal loser"

It just ends..... Even though he's a colossal loser what???
#216 to #212 - tardcommander
Reply -1
(10/02/2010) [-]
I know right!? Any sad feeling I had was eliminated by the infuriatingly unfinished end >.<
#404 to #212 - jakeyjakejake [OP]
Reply +1
(10/02/2010) [-]
Sorry I didnt finish the cmic. run out of space in ms paint. Im a noob. Its on the description. Cheers for reminding me.
#189 - MitchellK
Reply +14
(10/02/2010) [-]
#173 - quilava **User deleted account**
has deleted their comment [-]
#113 - topoyiyomayor
Reply +14
(10/02/2010) [-]
#3 - TardytheTurtle
Reply +13
(10/01/2010) [-]
the anniversary of my dog's death is coming up pretty soon
my condolences to you dude
<==== that's her btw
#107 to #3 - anon
Reply 0
(10/02/2010) [-]
awww :(
#385 to #3 - jakeyjakejake [OP]
Reply 0
(10/02/2010) [-]
My Autum's a husky. Whats her name? Same for you and thanks.
#412 to #385 - TardytheTurtle
Reply 0
(10/02/2010) [-]
her name is happy and i had no choice in her name
#45 to #3 - Hizzyfizzy
Reply +2
(10/02/2010) [-]
She looks very cute, im sorry for your loss
#297 - wamboozle
Reply +10
(10/02/2010) [-]
#248 - Lenniford
Reply +10
(10/02/2010) [-]
#409 to #248 - jakeyjakejake [OP]
Reply 0
(10/02/2010) [-]
Description dude. Sorry I didnt upload it all.
#429 to #409 - Lenniford
Reply 0
(10/02/2010) [-]
lol I was just playing, I actually quite enjoyed this upload =]
#433 to #429 - jakeyjakejake [OP]
Reply 0
(10/03/2010) [-]
Well thank you. I appreciate your comment. Made me chuckle.