physics by trolls. /funny_pictures/1016327/physics+by+trolls+Part+2/<br /> Part 2 of this great learning tool. Hold magnets in hands Attach metal plate to physics troll unlimited energy
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physics by trolls

Hold magnets
in hands
Attach metal plate to
bottom of shoes
The magnets lift up on the metal plate allowing
you to fly
Step 1: can your blend,
lay across (Iona each
other, your feet
Step " Hold each others Incas,
ow Ill! each other up
TATA tune your
hardwired and r
Bro pulls at speed of light.
You travel haste
than ME
Put boiling water
Take out
m bouncy
ball material
on the floor
and the
Aquire a
bouncy ball
faster and
faster and
Remove the
ceiling and YOU We "OW
jump onto in
the bouncy
Person i lifts
up person 2
Person 2 then " up person I in mid air And through teamwork, they [earn how ' ©
before falling, then person I does the
same before falling
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