10 Myths Busted. At least pick ONE thumb<br /> /funny_pictures/1014951/Sayin+ayooo/<br /> EDIT: Wow guys, thanks for front . Misconception Junction  cool win fail myth Busted
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10 Myths Busted

10 Myths Busted. At least pick ONE thumb<br /> /funny_pictures/1014951/Sayin+ayooo/<br /> EDIT: Wow guys, thanks for front . Misconception Junction

At least pick ONE thumb<br />
/funny_pictures/1014951/Sayin+ayooo/<br />
EDIT: Wow guys, thanks for front

Misconception Junction Presents...
Muscle turns to fat if you stop exercising
Muscles and on are made up evvery differentiates of cells that have
completely different functions. Skeletal muscles get larger when a person
exercises primarily from hypertrophy; in other words, she person isnt
gaining more muscle cells (which would be hyperplane), rather, the ones
they have are just getting bigger. After a person quits oxidising, the
muscle cells don' t go away or morph inn: or cells; they simply shrink
Muscle cells take quite a bis to maintain (
Calories per kilogram per day or around 6 calories per pound per
day), People who exercise regularly tend to accustom themselves to
eating quire a bit more food than people who maintain a relatively healthy
body weighs without exercising. once they slap working
T 3 our rhough, lose the needles she calories
a used during their workouts, which is often quite
so bottom line is, people who exercise regularly
suddenly stop, tend to gain in quickly because they
dons adjust their food intake so compensate far
x their decreased caloric needs, noc because
K muscle cells are turning into
he cells! o'
The red 'juice" in meat is nos blood.
Nearly all blood is removed from meat
during slaughter, which is also why you
don' t see blood in raw" whise meet"; only an extremely small amount
oxblood remains within the muscle tissue when you get it from she
store. so what is shes red liquid you see in red mercifull, red meats
such as beer, are composed oi quire a bis of wares,
mixed with a protein called , ends up comprising
o' moss of that red liquid.
Ostriches hide their heads in the sand
When an Ostrich feels genuinely threatened, it will actually take
on running and not hide it' s head in the sand, as is popularly
believed. considering is is she fastest animal on we legs is can pretty
much out run moss other . The Ostrich also has extremely
good eye sight & hearing. Because of this. they are generally able so
perceive predators before the predator sees chem. so what they will
do when they observe a predator is he down on the ground.
u put their body as close to the ground as
possible and wais, The with was they stick their
heads in the sand primarily comes from this
first line of defense where they lie dawn and it
appears irons a distance as if its head disappears
in the sand. even though it is really just
lying down to see if the predator will
pass by so that it won' t have so expend
shaving does nos make your hair grow back chicken stranger, faster
or any other "er" Numerous studies going all the way
back so the laws show that sharing has absolutely C
no effect whosoever on your hair growth rate,
Hair growth is controlled by hair follicles found
just underneath the skin. These follicles are nos
in any my affected by shaving. only the outer
pars of your hair that is already dead is getting
cus. The follicles underneath that determine
thickness/ color/ growth rate remain
completely unaffected by your
shaving or not shaving.
Sushi is raw fish
Sushi is nos raw fish. in sashimi, which is just sliced raw Fish,
sometimes simply dipped in sauces and sometimes served -
with sushi. Sushi is any food dish consisting of vinegar's
rice, usually served with some other toppings, but not
always. is happens so often be served with various types of sea food,
either cooked or raw, and perhaps even a mix of the swo. sushi can
be served with just about any soppings or none " all. in lacs sushi is
more often than nos served in the
gym west with fully cooked seafood
s such as cooked imitation crab
Q e: (known as California roll) &
an smoked salmon (known as
Seattle roll).
The Sun is yellow
The sun , he whise. The reason the
sun looks yellow so us on Earth is that our
atmosphere scatters light from the Sun: the
apparent color of the sun changes. The same
scattering she: is why the sky looks blue in
the day time instead of black like as night.
The Earth' s atmosphere scatters has in she
blue and violet wavelength range, so the
remaining wavelengths of light appear yellow. Tihis same erect is why the
sky will also often appear yellow when the Sun is disappearing
over the horizen, as well as why she sky/ Sun can appear
more red " times during this phase of the day.
You use only 10% of your Brain
Over the years. the myth that you only use
about was of your brain has been widely y
spread with the source oi this myth often y _
likely attributed to Albert ','ii'
amounts of research have gone into mapping the ‘xx
brain, in terms in figuring out the function of various
parts of the brain, and, to arena area ofthe brain has been found do
doesn' t have some function, even though that function may nor be yes
wholly understood. Brain scans, courtesy of Positron Emission
Tomography no and Functional Magnesia Resonance imaging (MRI)
technologies, show us that, even while we are sleeping, every pars of
the brain shows as least a small ammons of activity and most areas of
the brain are active at any given moments assuming the person being
scanned hasn' t ever suffered some form of brain damage. )% ofthe
brain wasnt used for anything, then damage to that was of the brain
shouldn' t affect a person as all. in reality though, damage so lust about
any part of the brain, even slay amounts oi carnage, tend
to have profound was on the person who suffers that
damage, proving that we use all ofthe brain and not just
Twinkies have a long
The popular station that Twinkies "last forever" or for some ridiculously
long ammons of time is false: they actually only have a shell hie of about
15 days. Twinkies are in lacs baked and their primary ingredients are
flour, sugar, and eggs; in 25 days or -
so they get stale and go bad in a
similar fashion so any other bread. o'
The direction water spins down your drain, depends
on the hemisphere you live in
What hemisphere you are in does nos mess the
way wares spins dawn your drain or series The
Coriolis sneer is basically an apparent force
relative to the Earth' s surface that causes
objects so appear as if they are moving in
somewhat of a curved path, when actually
they are moving straight and it is the Earth
turning that makes it look like they are curving.
Things such as hurricanes and other large
cyclonic systems are very much affected by she
Coriolis one in terms of which my (hey spin. Hawaiian: hurricane
mjghr morally be we miles wide and last for days; your sink and series
are very small in comparison and the time the Coriolis Effect has to
immence the draining water is very small " well, in this
ease, sise condos Effect has about the same affect on the
swirling wares in your cones as a butterfly' s napping wings
have on .
The tongue has taste zones
contrary so popular belief, the tongue doom
actually have zones specializing in speccy tastes.
is sums out this myth got so start when a
certain Harvard Psychologist Edwin G, Boring
mistranslated a German in ism
ruled "Eur Psychophobia des ".
The tongue paper, written by the German Scientist
or Hung, outlined Hangs research on she four
known basic tastes, He got together a group of subjects & tested the
main rages on each of them on various parts of until he
Figured he had a good map pus together on where they and various
tastes the moss. in reality, moss everyone can detect the ave basic tastes
equally everywhere on she upper surface of the tongue, with extremely
slight variations that are more or less random from person
so person. As such, scientists have since admitted that
Hania' s paper would be bosses served as roller tissue,
instead of reading material, as the results have no basis
in reality. y
Designed by Noreen my ©
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User avatar #72 - Shadowlordninek
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And you used C-4 to test these?

No? Your not a mythbuster
User avatar #509 to #72 - WhereMehSammich
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(03/30/2013) [-]
Wow I don't even find that funny anymore.
I must have been a faggot 2 years ago.
#74 to #72 - WhereMehSammich
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(09/30/2010) [-]
#2 - shittyjunk
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(09/30/2010) [-]
what did he just say about twinkys?
User avatar #148 to #2 - choasmage
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(09/30/2010) [-]
Well, he was right.. Twinkies DO have an expiration date!
User avatar #5 to #2 - ChestchireCat [OP]
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(09/30/2010) [-]
Haha when I found this Zombieland came to my mind too :) thumb for you!
#33 - Bojangless
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(09/30/2010) [-]
You best be staying out of our territory
We run this subject
#144 - choasmage
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User avatar #166 to #144 - captainfuckitall
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(09/30/2010) [-]
no C-4 was used yet, though...
#158 to #144 - Min
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(09/30/2010) [-]
How did I know I was going to see this gif as soon as I saw the title...
#220 - Eziolieksbrushie
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(10/01/2010) [-]
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#217 - Lamenci
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(10/01/2010) [-]
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#384 - icanhazBLOOD
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(10/01/2010) [-]
try to look away
try to look away
#392 to #384 - dambusta
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(10/01/2010) [-]
User avatar #401 to #384 - deaditink
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(10/01/2010) [-]
i hope im not the only one who noticied its eyes moved then i stoped looking because it scared me
#422 to #384 - Gaarasgirl
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(10/01/2010) [-]
#436 to #384 - MotherFuckingTobi
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try to look away
try to look away
User avatar #441 to #436 - Jaydin
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(10/01/2010) [-]
No thank you, I'll keep looking at them fine ladies.
#92 - ratmage
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(09/30/2010) [-]
-Sushi is not raw fish.
-Sushi is made from raw fish.
#114 to #92 - anon
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(09/30/2010) [-]
Sushi itself no,
It comprises of raw fish, along with a **** load of other ingredients.
And ******* delicious.
#326 - kaneh **User deleted account**
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#29 - FreakinCool
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(09/30/2010) [-]
Bust this Myth:

Is mayonnaise an instrument?
#31 to #29 - indiankid
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