Roommate Confessions Part 5. I got them from this site:<br /> Part 4: /funny_pictures/1005852/Ro roommate Confessions
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Roommate Confessions Part 5

when I was IT college ene ['tfil my roommate' s friends weild always crash en eur cetch early. He
wasn' t a bad guy but he did have seme wicked }. and we were asses whe like pick en mm [tret'.
time I had baught a used movie frem Tl? ' l which still had the security sticker en the case. We
carefully peeled the sticker eff as net break the contacts and stuck it the card he weild use
the least IT his wallet [a library card frem his MAM! ! A week later he stepped by after
mtter( at a mall freaking eut abaut hew he weild set eff the security alarms everywhere he went.
There was way fer any ['tfil us net burst eut laughing
The reasen yeu were sick the next day was because we stepped putting Jager IT yew , m
was mere like @ lla, ': fer yeu, yeu selfish deuchebag. Maybe this time yeu' step hagging my
Hey Jessica yeu and yew b* tchy girlfriends always used my stuff. Ten always used my towel and put it
back. Remember ene time yeu get poisen ivy all ever yew hwy and yeu never figured eut why? Well
here' s why he: I went behind eur hause where there' s a bunch [ poisen ivy and I rubbed it all ever my
towel ‘cause I knew yeu were genna use " [left ever use my sh* t again without my permission
fen barrowed my diesel shirt, 65 bucks, and my faverite heebie, and yeu still did net give it back.
That' s fine, I used yew id as collateral fer abaut , 100 werth [ schewl a Iv equipment, enjee yew next
semester tuition bill
Timtam ta that blake the left fer giving me mule rad feedback
Thumbs, Elements fer mere, If i dent get ever "r. thumbs er '
feedback this Is my last as it isn' t geing very well.
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