deadpool and captain america. /funny_pictures/1002972/compilation+of+lulz/<br /> /funny_pictures/1003056/tequila/. There are things we all should and shou Deadpool Captain America
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deadpool and captain america

There are things we all should and should nct dc. Save lives versus taking them,
preserve evidence as apposed to destroying i. . well, you get the Idea. And new,
lessens In politeness and approved. from Captain America and Deadpools
dresses little old ladies
up in undercow.
Captain Irca _}_ pf llm! qt: hat ting Deadpoll sleeps in his refuse.
to separate his recyclables fram his
perishable Haste.
Captain America always makes an effort Deadpool aleays an ta
ta locate these tthe Hould do good and locate thug; aha do good and
honor them,, mack them,
he diesn' t share their viewpoint, Deadpool bounds up vagitarians and
Captain America is considerate of the them meat lou.
feelings of his vegetarian friends.
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#2 - awesomebot (09/27/2010) [-]
HAHAHAHAHA Deadpool, you so crazy.
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