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#1 - anon (01/24/2010) [-]
i've never been so angery that i have to take off my cloths just to hit someone.
User avatar #2 to #1 - Blackrain (01/24/2010) [-]
exactly..why must he take his shirt off, I will never know
#3 to #2 - anon (01/24/2010) [-]
when people start fights they take their shirts off so the other person cannot hold onto the shirt and pull you around
and now you know
#6 to #3 - anon (01/24/2010) [-]
Eep..I hope they don't try using nipples instead of shirts to do that! D8
User avatar #5 to #3 - Blackrain (01/24/2010) [-]
thank you kind sir
User avatar #9 to #2 - MasterKey (01/25/2010) [-]
Maybe he wants to be Matthew McConaughey?
The chick in the back is part of the plan. She has a video camera on.
#8 - Irishshamrock (01/25/2010) [-]
epic bitch slap
#7 - anon (01/25/2010) [-]
The dude who got hit's got a Domo hoodie on.

Captcha: furry
User avatar #4 - crippledcow (01/24/2010) [-]
shirtless thats how u do it >:D
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