nfl. repost.. >Hits self in balls >pushed down like a bitch >falls into another player What level of fail is that?
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Submitted: 07/05/2013
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#137 - casinoer has deleted their comment [-]
#135 - naruchu (07/06/2013) [-]
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#134 - yanik (07/06/2013) [-]
**yanik rolled a random image posted in comment #2899271 at Friendly ** why he deserved it
**yanik rolled a random image posted in comment #2899271 at Friendly ** why he deserved it
#133 - naruchu has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #131 - soulstealerr ONLINE (07/06/2013) [-]
This is the kind of stuff you see in American and Canadian football. This is a headline I just read about a soccer game: "Soccer referee decapitated after stabbing player to death in Brazil".
#129 - specialone (07/06/2013) [-]
Who would be posting anything but rugby on this most glorious of days?   
I am sickened.
Who would be posting anything but rugby on this most glorious of days?

I am sickened.
#123 - anonymous (07/06/2013) [-]
N national
F ******
L league
User avatar #128 to #123 - fuzzyballs (07/06/2013) [-]
you only changed one word
that's not whitty at all!
#117 - mainstreamed ONLINE (07/06/2013) [-]
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#126 to #117 - kaycie (07/06/2013) [-]
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#115 - youngnigga (07/06/2013) [-]
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#114 - youngnigga (07/06/2013) [-]
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#112 - tiege (07/06/2013) [-]
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User avatar #124 to #112 - yodaddysofat (07/06/2013) [-]
that about sums it up.......
User avatar #121 to #111 - justaperson (07/06/2013) [-]
This whole clip is in real time.
User avatar #110 - jsrf (07/06/2013) [-]
#105 - billymaze (07/06/2013) [-]
Go Hawks!
Go Hawks!
User avatar #130 to #105 - fuzzyballs (07/06/2013) [-] that legal?
#100 - spazzin (07/06/2013) [-]
This is the CFL
User avatar #99 - superpats (07/06/2013) [-]
if you had watched SportsNation earlier you would know that this is actually CFL
User avatar #98 - Snookbone (07/06/2013) [-]
Actually it's CFL.
#89 - painmann (07/06/2013) [-]
Never discredit the Canadian Football League. It's A really great league, and it's never given enough credit. GO ALOUETTES!
#94 to #89 - mcgrittleisking (07/06/2013) [-]
i didnt even know canada had a football league.
User avatar #104 to #94 - billymaze (07/06/2013) [-]
It's where all the ****** washed up nfl players go. The worst NFL QB would be the best in the CFL.
#113 to #104 - painmann (07/06/2013) [-]
What's that? Sorry can't here you over the fact that Calvio is the best QB in pro football. He play's in the CFL, By the way, the NFL is a "White man's club" they want their league to be a certain way, in the sense that QB's who run from the pocket aren't really accepted into the NFL cause its more of a rushing game. Now I've seen the NFL, I know how its played and its a very slow moving game. The CFL is a very fast game that is more passing than rushing. Also don't say this sucks cause its not American. and don't try to prove me wrong cause that's the conclusion I've drawn up from reading all the NFL vs CFL stuff all over the internet. watch a game, it will open your vision of football. It's a really great league.
User avatar #143 to #113 - billymaze (07/09/2013) [-]
Thats ******** if you think Calvio is the best football in pro football, if he was anywhere close to being top 50 in pro football he would be in the NFL, not the ****** CFL.
User avatar #144 to #143 - painmann (07/09/2013) [-]
Then why does he hold the record for most passing yards in pro football history? plus the CFL isn't a ****** league, just cause it has 8 teams and in Canada doesn't make it ****** .
User avatar #120 to #113 - flynntastic (07/06/2013) [-]
Gonna call some ******** here. I don't know much about the CFL but I know their rules are different and their endzones are huge which make it look more high scoring than it actually is also I think there's 5 downs not 4 (correct me if I'm wrong) then there's the scrambling QB thing which is BS look at Cam Newton and RG3 both scramblers and both highly regarded...hell look at Favre he made his money leaving the pocket also Mike Vick, and Kapernick to name some more
User avatar #139 to #120 - EasyEnzie (07/07/2013) [-]
there is 3 downs in the CFL i watch both leagues and ya, the better players are in the NFL but the CFL game is more exciting to watch
User avatar #95 to #94 - painmann (07/06/2013) [-]
Not many Americans do, but its a really great league, you should check it out because the ones who say the CFL sucks have never seen a single game. I think some games are on NBC, and ESPN 3 in America. Well if you are interested look it up, It's A really great league.
#97 to #95 - porksammich (07/06/2013) [-]
Yeah, it's pretty fun to watch. I catch the occasional game on one of the sports channels and it got me sucked in
User avatar #92 to #89 - EasyEnzie (07/06/2013) [-]
Go Esks
User avatar #107 to #92 - asasasasasasas (07/06/2013) [-]
go riders
#86 - guidoforlife (07/06/2013) [-]
that is not the NFL
that is not the NFL
User avatar #88 to #86 - Sworley ONLINE (07/06/2013) [-]
i realize that now
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