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#14 - anon (07/04/2013) [-]
Dumb fat bitch.
People like that disgust me.
Lets wear tight clothes that show off our every fat roll. That's a good idea.
Don't forget the yoga pants so everyone can see your cellulite.
Then I'll whine and bitch when people make fun of me.
#39 to #14 - anon (07/04/2013) [-]
Really? It bothers you THAT bad?
Shut up, Meg.
#37 to #14 - emptysuperman ONLINE (07/04/2013) [-]
Believe it or not, not everyone has the same exact sex drive as you. Some people like to see fatties in relieving cloths. But hey, I guess they should have thought, "Will my right to wear whatever the **** I want offend some judgmental anon?" before they left the house.
#38 to #37 - bullshitasaurus (07/04/2013) [-]
Random image or this your girl?
#40 to #38 - emptysuperman ONLINE (07/04/2013) [-]
Random image. My girl is like 130 pounds. I just like all kinds of women.
#41 to #40 - bullshitasaurus (07/04/2013) [-]
oh, okay. I want my girl to get to 130! lol. She is currently 98. Skinny Minnie! haha
#42 to #41 - emptysuperman ONLINE (07/04/2013) [-]
I like them, too!
#43 to #42 - bullshitasaurus (07/04/2013) [-]
Mine is even smaller than that. let me see if I have a decent picture for here.
#44 to #43 - emptysuperman ONLINE (07/04/2013) [-]
Yeah, I'm very limited. I have to pick SFW images.
#45 to #44 - bullshitasaurus (07/04/2013) [-]
Yeah most of mine from my girl where you can actually see her body are **** . lol.
User avatar #46 to #45 - emptysuperman ONLINE (07/04/2013) [-]
#47 to #46 - bullshitasaurus (07/04/2013) [-]
I found one that is decent. I did however edit out her face and phone to make sure no one on here recognizes her. she would be pissed to know I posted. haha.
User avatar #48 to #47 - emptysuperman ONLINE (07/04/2013) [-]
I ****** a girl that skinny before. Well... I'm still ******* her, she just gained weight. She used to be 105 now she's like 120-130. I'd **** your girlfriend. She doesn't look like she needs to gain weight.
#49 to #48 - bullshitasaurus (07/04/2013) [-]
She has put on a few pounds since this picture. This picture was when she was still a virgin a few months ago. Her butt has gotten bigger and what not. I like where she is but if she gains weight up to about 130 I won't complain. haha. Yeah, A loooot of guys wish they could **** her but she is craaaazy about me. I love it
#50 to #49 - emptysuperman ONLINE (07/04/2013) [-]
Sounds like a great girl. But you know, you're going to have to be extra good in bed to keep her satisfied. People who have only had sex with one person get curious about others.

I've also ****** a girl for 3 years who was 180 at the beginning and ended at ~200. HUGE ass.
#51 to #50 - bullshitasaurus (07/04/2013) [-]
Nice. Yeah I do a good job at it. All my exs still try and get it from me but don't want to date. haha. I treat her really good and make it were she can't walk. lol. I pride myself on my sexual ability. I enjoy focus purely on the woman's pleasure, not mine. So until she gets off a few times, i'm not getting off. I get her soaked and everything. She keeps telling me how amazing it is and it's the biggest she has ever seen(why she picked me for the v-card). Now she is in love because she has a very good guy and one she knows and has had sources and experienced that the sex is amazing. (she is friends with a few of my exs. haha)
#35 to #14 - archiferd (07/04/2013) [-]
I admit I'm in the fat crowd   
I wear yoga pants because they're comfy.   
I don't think I look too bad in them.
I admit I'm in the fat crowd

I wear yoga pants because they're comfy.

I don't think I look too bad in them.
#21 to #14 - anon (07/04/2013) [-]
Calm the **** down dude. It's just clothing.
#18 to #14 - Epicflail (07/04/2013) [-]
But I is sexy
#29 to #18 - Spikeydeath (07/04/2013) [-]
i may vomit
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