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#65 - pwnmissilereborn **User deleted account** (06/27/2013) [-]
This idea has some serious potential in warfare. Think about it, it would be the **** !

>Find a landmine
>Find a small pile of ****
>Hide landmine bellow pile of **** .
>Everyone knows **** magnetically attracts feet.
>Wait for enemy to pass by.
User avatar #97 to #65 - dollydagger (06/27/2013) [-]
British soldiers hid landmines in pieces of ********* during WWII. When german tanks would go by they would often drive through the **** , thinking there couln't be any explosives at the spot if a camel had been standing there.
User avatar #74 to #65 - heartlessrobot (06/27/2013) [-]
It's called the Vietnam war.
#72 to #65 - ktkthegreat (06/27/2013) [-]
Hide landmine. Bellow: "PILE OF **** ". Wait for..

I couldn't resist.
#78 to #72 - pwnmissilereborn **User deleted account** (06/27/2013) [-]
mfw when I saw your comment until I understood I accidentally pressed L two times when writing below.
User avatar #71 to #65 - olmesy (06/27/2013) [-]
I forget which battle it was or which side did it but in world war 2, people hid anti-tank mines under camel **** because tanks would drive over **** since if a camel walked through there, a tank could drive through
User avatar #73 to #71 - cullination (06/27/2013) [-]
Britain hid their land mines in camel crap in the North African Front because the Germans thought that running over camel **** with their tanks was considered good luck.
User avatar #66 to #65 - erwtje (06/27/2013) [-]
Would be a ****** job to lift the **** up and put your landmine under it
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