Possible?. If a guy was to recreate this some how maybe with wine glass could this be possible?.. Is it possible for it to perform such loop? Yes. Is it possible for it to do so indefinitely? No. It is possible to create a substantially long loop (time-wise)
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If a guy was to recreate this some how maybe with wine glass could this be possible?

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Submitted: 06/20/2013
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#278 - anonymous (06/22/2013) [-]
friction > continuous motion theories.
User avatar #261 - cowbell (06/21/2013) [-]
It would be possible if some laws of physics didn't apply here.
#255 - handsomeman (06/21/2013) [-]
Reminds me of Line Rider
Reminds me of Line Rider
#254 - entarasu (06/21/2013) [-]
was i the only one?
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#258 to #254 - kaboomz (06/21/2013) [-]
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User avatar #260 to #259 - kaboomz (06/21/2013) [-]
User avatar #262 to #260 - rosehito (06/21/2013) [-]
They had the same character in the new Total Recall movie too. It scared my boyfriend, he never saw the original.
#263 to #262 - kaboomz (06/21/2013) [-]
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i knew i had seen that before!

i saw the new one
i couldnt remember
User avatar #256 to #254 - twi (06/21/2013) [-]
#252 - texasbarbie (06/21/2013) [-]
Well, in extreme cases it is...But on earth, no matter where you go, this cannot be done..Unless you employ magnetic fields ....but few here have the needed equipment available
#251 - exhaustedheadcase (06/21/2013) [-]
guys stop looking   
seriously stop its a brain washing affect   
look closely the balls are making a mcdonalds logo in the air   
subliminal advertising
guys stop looking
seriously stop its a brain washing affect
look closely the balls are making a mcdonalds logo in the air
subliminal advertising
#253 to #251 - anonymous (06/21/2013) [-]
Or Treyarch
#249 - camblea (06/21/2013) [-]
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#248 - physicsdude (06/21/2013) [-]
Yes it is possible, but you would need a vacuum, and a frictionless loop. The only way i can see this happening is if you do it in space and you make the "glasses" out of a superconducting material and put a current through it(no ressistance so no energy loss) Then material will then create a magnetic field and you can have another superconductive meterial(the ball) hovering above it moving frictionless and with no ressistance. You would obviously need an input energy but there will be 0 energy loss so the it will be an infinite loop and you can take the energy out after.

tl;dr : yes it is possible to be done in space with superconductive materials the ball won't ever touch the glass though.
User avatar #247 - urfunnyman (06/21/2013) [-]
when i first saw this it was 2:00am 6/21/2013
now it is 3:36 am 6/21/2013
User avatar #246 - theaceofthespade (06/21/2013) [-]
It would be possible if you made the last cup accelerate the ball, such as with a spinning disk or something.
#245 - fullofgoodshitt (06/21/2013) [-]
User avatar #244 - Matoben (06/21/2013) [-]
It'd be possible but it wouldn't last forever
User avatar #243 - jimmymcrustlestien (06/21/2013) [-]
Thermodynamics states that the friction of the air/ bowls would create heat and thus loss of energy which would eventually result in you ******* up your bowls for no damn good reason.
User avatar #241 - Unimaksu (06/21/2013) [-]
you could do it, but i doubt it would move for very long, you'd be lucky to get it to complete the course once
User avatar #234 - buriedstpatrick (06/21/2013) [-]
Friction with the glass would cause it to lose speed maybe?
User avatar #236 to #234 - isradam (06/21/2013) [-]
But gravity makes it gain speed.
User avatar #242 to #236 - ThpiderMan (06/21/2013) [-]
It takes more energy to send the object up than it gains in it's fall. I don't remember the rule but we learned it in college physics. The fact that I don't remember may be why I didn't get a good grade.
User avatar #267 to #242 - isradam (06/21/2013) [-]
Gosh darn.
#240 to #236 - justtocomment (06/21/2013) [-]
Until it's going back up, at which point gravity makes it lose speed. No, it would stop before very long. As for going a loop around the whole thing? I wouldn't say impossible, just beyond what a small at home experiment with wine glasses would likely yield.
User avatar #237 to #236 - buriedstpatrick (06/21/2013) [-]
But it won't go as far up because of friction - causing it to drop less and less. Until finally stopping.
User avatar #238 to #237 - isradam (06/21/2013) [-]
Unless... teflon?
User avatar #239 to #238 - buriedstpatrick (06/21/2013) [-]
Teflon still has friction. Just very little. And that very little is enough.
User avatar #233 - DeeJayBee (06/21/2013) [-]
i only ******* on this on the main page cos i thought it was something to do with the three boobed chick in total recall
User avatar #232 - insaniacfedde (06/21/2013) [-]
looks like that 3- boobed lady from total recall's boobs from the front.
Cannot unee
User avatar #229 - garymotherfingoak ONLINE (06/21/2013) [-]
it would lose acceleration
#228 - kidsquicker (06/21/2013) [-]
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#227 - jacobomexicano (06/21/2013) [-]
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