Can't wait to see this. .. I feel like this would rip off your drink lid, and just ruin your day
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Can't wait to see this

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Submitted: 06/05/2013
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User avatar #158 - franticorb (06/06/2013) [-]
Someone hit Dragons Den up with this
User avatar #157 - noimnot (06/06/2013) [-]
Perfect way for your shake to make your food ice cold.
User avatar #156 - totalsuckpod (06/06/2013) [-]
User avatar #151 - baine ONLINE (06/06/2013) [-]
anyone hear about the hands free burger holder from burger king?
#146 - anonymous (06/06/2013) [-]
I'm an environment hippie and this makes me happy
#145 - imwithme (06/06/2013) [-]
how the **** am i supposed to eat my fries while driving now?
#144 - yuukoku (06/06/2013) [-]
This image has expired
User avatar #143 - mookiez (06/06/2013) [-]
This reminded me of Megan's cup that held everything. I can't remember what it is called. Cup-a-stuff? I'm not sure.
User avatar #141 - mrtwilightsparkle (06/06/2013) [-]
Being someone who works in fast food, doing this frankly looks like it would have very few practical uses.
User avatar #136 - goondas (06/06/2013) [-]
I go through drive through a lot, and put the bag of food on the seat and the drink in the cup holder. I dont see this configuration working to well on either my seat or in the cup holder.
#140 to #136 - astronautjezus has deleted their comment [-]
#139 to #136 - tastycupcakes (06/06/2013) [-]
you ruin everything
#133 - allennis (06/06/2013) [-]
Jesus ******* christ guys, the circumference of the hole in the carrier is smaller than the circumference of the drink. The lid never reaches the hole! WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS.
#129 - magicalsteve (06/06/2013) [-]
Until the ******* lid comes off
User avatar #130 to #129 - toastycracker (06/06/2013) [-]
I think the hole on the carrier is smaller than the circumference of the top of the cup. So it wouldn't actually catch the lid.
#131 to #130 - magicalsteve (06/06/2013) [-]
Then the condensation from the cup would wet the cardboard causing it to rip
User avatar #132 to #131 - toastycracker (06/06/2013) [-]
True, but how long would someone actually carry it before putting it down and chowing down? It'd take a bit before a decent amount of condensation formed.
User avatar #135 to #132 - goondas (06/06/2013) [-]
I dunno, sometimes I get my drink and its already dripping wet.
User avatar #152 to #135 - annogram (06/06/2013) [-]
well that's cuz god hates you
#128 - absolutnignog **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #138 to #128 - ihatem (06/06/2013) [-]
Not as easy as delivery service
#149 to #138 - absolutnignog **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #126 - killjoyzzz (06/06/2013) [-]
It's like a riddle wrapped in a mystery.
#125 - muck (06/06/2013) [-]
just throw my food in a bag, when you put that cup in a cup holder the "devise" will slide down and fall over, possibly pulling your drink with it and spilling all the **** over
User avatar #154 to #125 - supahsayin (06/06/2013) [-]
It seems hat the cardboard part itself would only go straight downwards, and wouldn't give much room for tipping over, unless you drive at a very steep angle on a very insecure cupholder
User avatar #123 - thehumor (06/06/2013) [-]
I can just picture that drink falling out. Then I'd get really ******* pissed i didnt ask for a bag
User avatar #120 - jizzletizzle ONLINE (06/06/2013) [-]
Or you can use a bag.
#124 to #120 - uhhyeahfmebaby (06/06/2013) [-]
yeah, bags have weird bottoms, stuff turns, every try carrying a togo box in a bag?
User avatar #122 to #120 - yutakenusername (06/06/2013) [-]
It's annoying as ******** piss when your fries are put in a bag and spill everywhere.
User avatar #118 - illusiveman (06/06/2013) [-]
So the cup's lid can stand 1 litter of soda. I'm impressed.
User avatar #119 to #118 - thecopyninja (06/06/2013) [-]
the weight is actually put on the rim of the cup (the lid usually gets pushed up however some lids got a tight grip, at least this is my theory)
#116 - anonymous (06/06/2013) [-]
Cause, you know, a normal bag dosn't cover my food good enough.

Seriously though, in a bag, if I drop it, it at least stays in the bag, if the burger is wraped too it should all be fine, but if I drop this thing? Everything, everywhere.
Sure carrying the drink would then require two hands, but so **** ? I don't take my food out anyway, unless I'm in the drive through.
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