Whenever i need a friends help. .. That Gif is a good summary on group school projects. Whenever i need a friends help That Gif is good summary on group school projects
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monsters vs aliens

its a cute funny movie
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That Gif is a good summary on group school projects.
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#4 - electro
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today in my chem class we were doing our LAB final and my friend has a rack of testubes, but the racks are cheap plastic pieces of crap, so it fell apart as he was setting it down on the table. luckily, he froze in a position wear each test tube was teetering, about to fall over, but he had like a finger barely touching each of the test tubes, stopping them from all smashing on the floor. Meanwhile, everyone is just staring at him like "oh gawd.. are they gonna fall or aren't they!?" and after a good 15second pause, I, with my hands full of my own testubes and crap, yell "ANYONE GOING TO ACTUALLY HELP HIM!?"
...yeah so its relevant.. woo.. I have a social life... and friends.. for real i swear