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I'm glad I am not the only person that thought this. This is why I don't get along with most Skaters. . .
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Giving the finger to the guy attempting to do his job, and skateboarders wonder why literally everyone hates them.
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i wasnt aware we were hated
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i dont understand why i deserve red thumbs but ok
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I thought this was cool. Here's a green thumb
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Thanks, bro.
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Hes just trying to do his job. Im so glad i gave up skateboarding.
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Cop - "hey guys, i'd appreciate it if you stopped skating here. the manager of this building is worried one of you might get hurt while on his steps and he's trying to prevent a law suit. also, it's dangerous to be skating here, there are people using the sidewalk below you and i don't want you knocking in to them. now, i've asked you guys more than once and i don't want to have to do anything more than ask, so if you could please move this time, that'd be great."

rad 20 year old unemployed skater dude - " **** you man, you're just another power hungry mall cop trying to keep us down. it's out right to film hear this is public property man! we're not doing anything wrong, why do assume we're bad people for skating man? just because i skate doesn't mean you need to oppress me."

cop - "i don't have a problem with your skating, these steps aren't public property, they belong to this company. *waves hand at steps* these steps belong to-"

*rad 20 year old unemployed skater dude does trick* - " **** you man, you're a power hungry cop!"
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Took the words out of my mouth, then made them better.
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All these people are dissing the skater, do you know how often we get mistreated? I've been tripped down stairs, punched, kicked, yelled at, and called names because I like a specific sport, the security guard could've been being a huge ass, we won't know.
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And I bet every single penny I have that you deserved every single punch you got.
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Protip: It's not because you like a specific sport. It's because you were damaging someone else's property and you have a false sense of entitlement.
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I've been yelled at for walking down the street with my board in my hand, and been refused service from restaurants because I skate. Please tell me how much property damage I'm causing whilst walking.
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Let me play you a song on the world's smallest internet violin. Grow up and stop acting like the world is out to get you because everyone hates fun but you.
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I'm not saying they hate fun? I'm not trying to say the world is out to get me? I'm saying people have a prejudice against skaters. We're just like any other industry, we have good people and bad people. Just do me a favor, if you see a skater, let him/her be. That's all we ask.
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If said skater is on my property I'll snap his board in half and piss on it. And I'll sleep like a log that night.
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And people like you are why people like us react like the guy in the .gif. We're. Just. Skating. I accept my red thumbs like a man for posting an opinion opposite that of you, but you must see my point. If there was a kid throwing a baseball on your yard, you wouldn't kick him in the shins would you?
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I'd tell him to leave so he didn't accidentally break my windows. And if the kid flipped me off I'd take his baseball and throw it into the closest woodchipper.

Skating is noisy, makes marks on the pavement, and is a liability if the skater hurts himself or someone else on your land. The fact that you think you have a right to skate on someone's property without permission is incredibly disrespectful. A property owner doesn't owe you a ******* explanation when they tell you to leave. There are public skate parks for a reason.
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Some places don't have public skateparks, I never said we had the right, yes we skate some places where we aren't necessarily allowed, but we aren't always given an option and you never said you'd give the skater a warning as you would to the kid with the baseball. If you got the right wheels skateboarding can be very quiet and leave no marks, liability is an issue, but I do still think we deserve some explanation if we haven't caused any problem.
User avatar #27 to #24 - BobbyMcFerrin (05/05/2013) [-]
You do have an option. Find another sport, or skate in your own driveway. Skating on someone's property without prior permission is already evidence of disrespect. Therefore you shouldn't be surprised when people treat you with disrespect in return. Demanding an explanation is even more disrespectful.

Skaters are always trying to play the victim like they're being unfairly targeted. Learning to respect the people around you and the boundaries they have and not being selfish are both part of just being a decent human being. If you and your skater friends would rather be selfish and annoying together then don't bitch when people treat you like **** .
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Without warning? That'd make you as much a dick as any other rent a cop
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that wall looked pretty destroyed right?
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I see a lot of people hating on skaters for being disruptive to public. I don't skate, but a bunch of my friends do/did. Just like any sport, it's about passion and skill (music, too). And just like a ton of people, they like to test the boundaries by skating where they're not really allowed to skate. Those seem to be the funnest places... sometimes. But the attitude still needs to be cleaned up. Don't be a dick with your sport (or music).
The guy flipping off the cop may (was probably) in the wrong. Cop didn't seem hostile.
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why is everyone on fj a whiny douche? Skating is sick, cops are assholes, when did that change? I feel like i'm surrounded by 70 year olds, yelling at kids to get of their sidewalk...
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To be fair, that was pretty ******* awesome. If I tried doing that **** on my skateboard, I'd probably ******* die.
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what a prick.

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yeah man every time a security guard tries to trip us down 14 stairs so we dont scuff the wall we should just give them the bird!
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Honestly though, all of you calling him edgy and an asshole fail to walk in his shoes. Do you not know what it's like to be treated like rats by power-hungry mall cops, bossing you around like if you were trash? Some of these guys can be real bitches all the time. Yeah, it's their job, but that doesn't give them the right to act like they're not human. I've met so many assholes whose hatred is intensified at the sight of skaters and can't see past that lens to realize that these are people just doing what they love. Do not stereotype us.

Just hope people are willing to receive and address different perspectives.
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im a skater and i don't get **** for it because i only skate in skateparks and i never give other people **** for what they are doing so yeah...thats that
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Skaters are such tools.
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Someone made this for me last time I saw this pic
Someone made this for me last time I saw this pic
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Is that Richie Jackson?
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nah richie jackson is gnarlier than this
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