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User avatar #5 - cheesewithmold (04/29/2013) [-]
I can't believe a group of people would do something like that.
Just slaughter innocent Americans?
I hate this talk about the Boston Massacre.
#35 to #5 - hewhomtrolls (04/30/2013) [-]
i'm not sure if i'm looking for a joke here or you're being deadly serious

please don't hurt me
User avatar #41 to #35 - cheesewithmold (04/30/2013) [-]
Seriously, I thought this was funnyjunk. Aren't we supposed to make jokes?
User avatar #40 to #35 - cheesewithmold (04/30/2013) [-]
Jesus I thought people would get it.
Maybe I should have put the british in there or something.
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