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#52 - modernclassmusic
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(04/10/2013) [-]
we're all sharing stories eh?

alright let me tell mine.
>be 14
>be Brown Belt in Shukokia
>be national fighting multi medalist (i've gotten plenty of bronzes and silvers, only two gold)
>have some kid giving me and my younger brother ****
>don't do anything about it except give them fair warning
>few months pass
>one of the more pack leader kids goes to hit me after instigating a fight by shoving me around
>throws a punch
>barely move and dodge it
>throws another punch
>same retinue
>hit the kid in the face
>kid falls to the floor
>starts tearing
>i walk my self to the office
>get suspended for two weeks
>bully gets let off fine, for harassing my younger brother for weeks, challenging me constantly and insulting me publicly, and embarrassing me by insulting my friends

systems fw