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#41 - maxoverderp (03/16/2013) [-]
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#187 to #41 - anonymous (03/16/2013) [-]
May I ask who that one owl is able to digest that mouse/rat looking thing?
#82 to #41 - pidgeyownzu (03/16/2013) [-]
that nigga wolfs that thing down
User avatar #51 to #41 - newsugarbriches ONLINE (03/16/2013) [-]
I must say that is one very interesting/ intimidating gif you got right there
#44 to #41 - anonymous (03/16/2013) [-]
That is like a whole owl scene right there.
The two with their heads low staring right at the camera are all like, "You came to the wrong neighbourhood motherfucker."
Then the other one beside the one that looks like it's choking looks like it's just laughing at it as the other one struggles to eat.
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