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I mean if I could pay for a bionic arm that is in every way better than my current arm why wouldn't I do it? It's strong, faster, last longer, doesn't age, could even be engineered to have movements my current hand cant complete (ex. make a fist, but also make a reverse fist.) I mean damn.
User avatar #254 to #234 - thepalmtoptiger (03/15/2013) [-]
I can name a few reasons why it would be bad to purposely get a transplant; for one it would probably be really expensive and unless it was the result of a horrific accident, your medical insurance wouldn't cover it. Also, your body will most likely actively reject it; see present day organ transplants, and pacemakers, or if you want something more futuristic, Deus Ex Human Revolution. Also, there is the question of morality, as well as the likely prejudice toward voluntary cyborgs.

Personally, I wouldn't do it unless there was actually something wrong with one of my body parts. I'd probably replace my left eye with a cybernetic one because mine is pretty bad anyway.
User avatar #367 to #254 - theoretical (03/15/2013) [-]
I mean I said "If I could pay for it", so I think I assumed it would be really expensive lol.
My body rejecting it? In the future scientists and engineers will have fixed any chance of your body rejecting a bionic arm, I don't think that is a huge hurdle to overcome.
As for morality, I don't give two ***** what other people think about my decision to alter my body. In the same breath it's like someone who goes out and gets a tattoo. Some people don't like people who get tattoo's but that wont stop them from getting it done.
As for the moral question of "should we be altering our evolution?" I think we already are and have been with modern medicine, soap, computers, and technology. Becoming a bionic human being will simply be improving upon most of the things we have today. I think it will become a convention in the future to be partially bionic. Someday we will accept it, or there will be a huge counter revolution of people against the idea. Maybe WW4 or 3 lol
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>doesnt age

i think you are onto something here. we make robots and put our brains into them and finally live forever!
User avatar #252 to #241 - koolmanchris (03/15/2013) [-]
still doesn't rule out brain diesease
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