Rory is epic. Found this, didn't make it. He's my favorite companion, though... After meeting Rory Williams, being a nurse became the highest honor in the Sontaran Empire.
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After meeting Rory Williams, being a nurse became the highest honor in the Sontaran Empire.
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He was a little bitch up until he was removed from the fabric of space and time
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Two thousand years protecting the woman you love will do that to a guy.
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"The universe tried to delete Rory once, it exploded"

So true.
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I wanted to like the Amy, but they just tried so hard to make her a bitch.
"I left you because not being able to have a child is such torture, don't you dare claim waiting for me for two-thousand years and protecting the Pandorica with your life was a more meaningful display of love than that."

"Oh, and by the way, I'm off to shag the doctor again like I did on the night before our wedding."

At least she's still the best written female companion I've seen.
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Martha was my favorite female companion though...
Martha was my favorite female companion though...
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I liked Martha too but she wasn't around long enough. Other than her introduction I can not recall the plot of a single episode with her (other than a cameo or two).

Ok, I just checked, and Martha was in just as many episodes as Rose and Donna. Why don't I remember her? (THE SILENCE!)
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Because these totally aren't Chuck Norris jokes at all, no sir.
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Actually, the phrase you're looking for is " Because these totally aren't Vin Dieseel jokes at all, no sir." Those came first. Everything else is a pastiche.
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That really isn't true. I'm sorry.
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I know this gif is old, but isnt the weeping angels one a bit ironic
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I honestly kinda didn't care for the doctor's got a companion who has a tag along deal, thought it was silly cause the show was about their relationship a lot and not the doctor
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My favorite was "That which does not kill Rory Williams makes him stronger. In addition, that which does kill Rory Williams also makes him stronger."
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Honestly Rory is a brilliant character.
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lol @ the bedpan line =)
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