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The facts and figures of this whole thing are mind-boggling. It was a 10-ft wide lump of metal travelling at 33000 mph, which is about 9 miles every second. And when it reached the Earth, it went from 33000 mph to zero in a very short amount of time. All that energy had to go somewhere. A lot of it got transferred into heat and light--so much so that it actually sets the air on fire. That's the trail you see behind it (which also has some meteorite dust). A lot of the kinetic energy got transferred into the air through shock waves, which were just immense. A "standard" supersonic aircraft travelling at ~2000 mph has to be specially engineered to survive the intense pressures and temperatures of supersonic flight, and it's shockwaves can be heard for miles around. This meteorite was travelling 10 times as fast, so it's shockwaves were the equivalent of a nuclear bomb.

And what's special about this is that we can actually see it. This isn't just mathematical mumbo-jumbo, this actually happened and anyone can see it for themselves.

Sorry, this event made me nerdgasm a little bit.
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I read all of this in Homestars voice
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**** yea science bitch