Where has the nation gone?. Found on memebase. not mine obviously.. the whole idea that "free" healthcare = low quality healthcare is silly. the better doctors who do a better job still get paid more, so they still str


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I'm hungry now
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lol, Cr1TiKaL.
lol, Cr1TiKaL.
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Whats this from?
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He is so damn funny haha
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That is the best game in the history of the world.
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ohhhh, don't be such a baby. Ribs grow back!
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Taken from the last picture related to OP's game
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someone should make it a feels gif instead!
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And ven ze patient voke up, his skeleton vas missing, an ze Doktor vas never heard from again!
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the whole idea that "free" healthcare = low quality healthcare is silly. the better doctors who do a better job still get paid more, so they still strive to do better, at least thats the way it is in canada. They also get paid extra if their patient gets better sooner, encouraging preventative medicine rather then elongating the sickness by just treating the symptoms and keeping the patient on meds and more frequent doctor visits.
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I had free health care while I lived in the united states and it was pretty great, no complaints about it. Now Im in Brasil and the freee healthcare is just awful, the paid healthcare dowsnt seem to be making any progress either, still low quality
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I have CF and i'm over in norfolk, I can easily say I would've been dead a long time ago if it wasn't for the NHS and CF trust, my doc kept me safe through multiple infections and such.
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im not going to try to be inconsiderate but it may come out so ill apologize in advance. my experience with free health care is **** . im military and have been my whole life so i know what free healthcare is like. my friend had to wait three hours with a broken coller bone to be helped and everyone complained about the screaming child. i emember waiting a good hour too hour and a half with myo/peracharditous (potentialy fatal condition where sack around heart is inflammed) before being shot up with anti inflammitories. all my experiences are that private medical staff are better quality. not only because they have to be good to earn their py they are much more likely to be sued. suing someone payed by the government is a little more daunting to the average person
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Well...Money buys quality.... most Canadians come to America for Cancer treatments, heart surgeries, and transplants...because we have cutting edge technology and extremely motivated surgeons but for a broken arm or something yeah....Canada is great
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that was myth number 5 in the thesis I wrote for college. the only thing that commonly causes Canadians to go to the US is open heart surgery. other then that its pretty balanced. My uncle actually buys Canadian medical equipment and sells it to US doctors for profit. And just because the US manufactures the best medical equipment doesn't mean its the only one to get it. They export it everywhere.
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And I'm sure there aren't ways to abuse that plan at all.

Also how long do you have to wait to see a doctor again in Canada? Over 2 months for emergency surgery, is that right?

And if Doctors get paid good money, (better or the same) as if it were free market, how do those government provisions help society? Much more money is being sent through medical services which could have been used for other, possibly more important things.

I know Canadians are generally pleased about how their Healthcare system is set up, but ignorance is bliss there in my opinion.
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lol just so you know once "Obamacare" goes into effect plenty of doctors plan on quiting so ya have fun standing in a line for a few hours for a 10 minute appointment and not getting anything done that needs to be done.
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They will be back once their temper tantrum is done. quitting a very high paying job because its system of payment change, but is still very high paying, is retarded. They are probably just butt-hurt republicans. I know tons of people who said that if Obama-care came into effect they would move out of the country. It passed, did we have a mass drop in population? no.
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mabe not mass amount but y those who could afford to leave have left. many people in the US are struggling to get by and those who oppose these kind of things are lower class and too proud to take welfare. which i prefer over those who are too proud to take a lower paying job than they think they deserve with no experience so they just sit on welfare
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Which is hilarious, I'll add, because the states is the only first world country where they could have continued to live the lifestyle that they hold so dear because it's the only first world country that still had a private healthcare system. i'm certain they're having a great time trying to find another place that has a private healthcare system in, say, a third world country.

TL;DR they're ******* stupid and can go live in Africa if they want.
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key word. nearly
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The only country in europe not to have some sort of free universal healthcare is Germany, and it has essentially Obama-care on steroids. your only luck would be to go to a 3rd world country. society is progressing, so if people really want it to not progress they are going to have to move somewhere that is far far behind. heck even some 3rd world countries have free healthcare, like Cuba.
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i dont think the government taking from me to help someone else is progress. i think real progress is people wanting to help their fellow man. i disagree with welfare because most of it is fraud and waste. i have no problem helping people who have had things happen to them out of their control. i dont like helping people who have made decisions in their life and are now living with the consequences but feel entitled to free money.

i think most people who say thy will leave the states are more concerned with being taxed outragiously just because theyre rich. a business owner shouldnt have to pay the same percent of taxes as a single male with no dependants living at home. the later isnt even supporting himself so he doesnt exactly need tons of money. the former however isnt only supporting his own family but the families of everyone who works for him. that is why people are planning on leaving the US. i may be wrong but i think there are places in europe that are havens for business owners like that right now
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While that's true, they could still make better money elsewhere so they leave. You shouldn't have used Canadian healthcare as an example like everybody does, it really isn't that great. The waiting lists in Canada for anything major are insane, so insane that anything serious untreated that long would kill you. For cancer in the US, 6 months is something to work with to try and make it better before it becomes completely fatal, in Canada, you're on a 12 month waiting list. I'm not saying it's terrible, but it needs a lot of work, maybe as much as the American system needs.

Oh, and Canada makes you pay for a lot of medication and necessary treatments as well. Nearly all mentally ill patients get next to no help, and anything worthwhile they have to pay out of their pocket for.
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Indeed. "free" health care also works insanely well in Sweden. Obviously, it's not free, just free from fees since it's paid using taxes. Thing is, it works so amazingly well over here that we percieve the US system as pretty much dystopic. We scare our children with stories of how it works over there.
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Remember, when in doubt, pinky out.
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