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All right, **** this. I'm out.
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"Yep! Yep! Yep!"
"Yep! Yep! Yep!"
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have seen her tombstone? Yep! Yep! Yep!
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oh my thats just terrible! some 			*****		 just deserve to be tortured horribly until the day they die.
oh my thats just terrible! some ***** just deserve to be tortured horribly until the day they die.
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Nice .gif by the way. Love that show.
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Perhaps, but since all humans are products of either the environment in which they have lived or (arguably) influenced by the very nature of their genetics, you could argue that the father is also a victim of circumstance that drove him further and further away from being a rational human being and turning him into a monster.

Certainly, human choice and free will play a large role in the proceedings, but if you remove the morality of the issue and focus purely on the facts, all choices that people make, they make because of their personalities and they grow their personalities based upon personal experience.

It is why you will find that criminals reform or why religious zealots lose their faith. People can change. People are sent to prison in order to keep them away from people they may hurt and to reform them in a safe location, however the system at the moment does not do this very well, which is why we see so many repeat offenders.

It is hard to look a monster in the eyes and try to sympathise with them, but there are so many people out there that act differently and likely do not understand you or I and I imagine that was your mind to break some time in your life and you do something cruel, you would rather they try to fix you before they threw you away.

Then again, this is Funny Junk and perhaps not the correct medium for a debate about the nature of evil.
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That's why it's a good idea to brutally punish people who do bad things, so other people who would do bad things are likely to think "oh hey, I shouldn't do this because I don't want to be brutally punished". The motives behind a person's actions matter very little when the actions are something society can't accept.
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Granted, however should prevention not factor in more than just the fear of punishment? What is more, does brutal punishment to all become invalid the moment an innocent man is sentenced to it?

In my opinion, society does little to nothing to actually intervene in or prevent the chain that leads to breaking the law. Often people turn to crime because they grew up in a situation that encourages it, they are then punished and often gain nothing from it, before being placed back into the same or a similar environment. A far bigger emphasis, in my mind, needs to be placed upon reformation than mere punishment.

Children continually wonder why when we punish them because they have not grasped the morality of the situation and either do not know or do not care about the parties harmed in their actions. It is the same with criminals. If they are not properly reformed then the chances are they will be re-released into society and fall back into their old habits, often causing further generations to be born into a negative situation.

They are giving in to their human nature of self-service rather than the imposed social natures of fair-play and tolerance, and why shouldn't they? The government does not stop these acts when they are done through legal means like law-suits and companies ******** on the little guys. To fight crime at the bottom of the social ladder is nothing without fighting crime at the top of the ladder, because it is the people up there who so often cause those beneath them to fall to crime and rarely is the reverse true.

The truth is that we live in a society which is fundamentally broken on many levels and the reason it is not getting fixed is simply -because- of how broken it is. If one country fixes their society then it becomes unprofitable for businesses to be there, crippling the economy, and the politicians have less say and less power. It is a dangerous situation we find ourselves in, one where revolution may even be necessary... harrowing...
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Oh wow...
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