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#34 - lolzordz (11/16/2012) [-]
i turned my anti everything shield on just before you did that
#65 to #34 - lastofthedovakhiin (11/16/2012) [-]
When he's not looking.
When he's not looking.
#39 to #34 - moms (11/16/2012) [-]
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User avatar #35 to #34 - pongprofessor (11/16/2012) [-]
God I hate the kid in that picture's face....I just want to punch it.
User avatar #36 to #35 - lolzordz (11/16/2012) [-]
i think i was that kid... oh god i wanna punch myself
User avatar #38 to #36 - snaresinger (11/16/2012) [-]
It's okay. We all were that kid, a little bit. That's why we hate him so much. We see in him a reflection of our terrible younger selves, only appearing terrible in our ****** hindsight. We hate that old part of ourselves, and we dread the thought of that ******** shell we all have shed. Or maybe it's late and I need to ******* sleep and lay off the pills.
#42 to #38 - lolzordz (11/16/2012) [-]
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