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#258 - anon id: dfb72751
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(11/03/2012) [-]
Episode 1: Least favourite Star Wars film, worth it for the lightsaber duel (and possibly the podrace)
Episode 2: Slightly better. Not much else to say. (5th favourite)
Episode 3: ******* amazing, made up for the mediocrity of the previous two (2nd favourite)
Episode 4: What can I say, it's a classic (3rd favourite)
Episode 5: Favourite Star Wars film.
Episode 6: Great way to end the Anakin saga (4rd favourite)
Episode 7: Clouded, this film's future is.
User avatar #282 to #258 - Magnet
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(11/03/2012) [-]
Episode 1: Decent enough, a little too long
Episode 2: Best of the second trilogy, pretty good movie all around
Episode 3: Visuals were great, dialog was absolutely terrible. Unwatchable
Episode 4: My personal favorite
Episode 5: Probably hands down the best star wars film
Episode 6: Strong finish, great conclusion
User avatar #314 to #282 - tkfourtwoone
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(11/04/2012) [-]
I really think you're missing Episode 2 with 3... I can't watch AotC no matter what, the dialogue and lines are cringing and painful.
Episode 3 made it up a bit, thanks to Ewan McGregor & Ian McDiarmid
#275 to #258 - valve
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(11/03/2012) [-]
4rd you say?
User avatar #267 to #258 - neutralgray
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(11/03/2012) [-]
My least favorite was episode 3. Don't get me wrong. It had amazing effects and the tone of destruction was amazing but that was the one that truly destroyed Darth Vader as a great character. You imagine within the original movies for his transformation to be interesting so the prequels in this aspect, especially the third, are hugely disappointing. Anakin Skywalker isn't a badass who is transformed through fascinating means. Instead he's a whiny bitch who can't stand not being named a Jedi master and for the sake of a dream he doesn't truly know will come to pass he begins to kill helpless children. While the killing of children serves as a great illustration for his evil change, it comes out of nowhere. There is no character development in Anakin at all. It's just "****, I better be evil now." His transformation could have been much better portrayed. Furthermore, Padme, Anakin's lover, is just as bad. In the end she "gives up the will to live" but is otherwise fine so I guess she can't live without Anakin despite just giving birth to two children who need a mother.

TL;DR: 3rd movie-- great effects, horrible character development
#295 to #267 - anon id: 6f02b0f9
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(11/03/2012) [-]
Its a movie about effects. The actual story has his seduction described in great detail. And he didn't turn because he wasn't made a Jedi Master, he turned because he didn't care about being a Jedi. He was ambitious and decided, as the chosen one, he should be able to do anything. If a Sith was able to keep people from dying, he should be able to as well. After his mother died, he vowed to become all powerful so that he would never lose another woman in his life. When Padme's life was in jeopardy, he decided to take another route to save her. The Dark Side isn't stronger, its easier and Anakin needed a quick way to gain power. Once he devoted himself to the dark side, he made a commitment to never look back. He wasn't tasked with killing the children, that was his personal choice. Plus, you factor in that he was born a slave and traded that life simply to be bound/restricted by more rules, he couldn't help but feel contained and look for an outlet. He disobeyed all the rules without regard even to go as far as getting married, something that would expel him as a Jedi. He didn't care about the order, it only imprisoned him. When he kills Dooku, he feels freedom for the first time in his life... and he doesn't look back.

The explanation to his falling is shown, you simply have to pay attention.

AND in a world where the force binds and controls all life-forms and is powerful enough to 'will' life, its very plausible that in the same fictional galaxy, the force can will life away.. Explaining her death. Or, because the force binds and controls every living thing, having her give birth to two powerful force sensitive offsprings of the chosen one may have sucked out her already small amount of midichlorians, passing them into the children. Which again, causes her to lose the will to live without the force there to sustain life.

TL;DR Empire Strikes back is awesome.
User avatar #302 to #295 - neutralgray
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(11/03/2012) [-]
Even with all that, it isn't portrayed well in the movie. Any feelings are left vague and open to interpretation, leaving the experience kind of shoddily done. In the expanded storylines (books, cartoon sequels, etc.) his path is set to a slower more natural pace that feels like a natural fall into chosen evil. The movie is a very poor representation of his change. Granted, you can't fit everything in a span of 2 hours, but, still, there could have been more done to nail Anakin's transformation down.