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#245 - braedenclarkejanze (11/03/2012) [-]
Well, disney DID make tron and pirates of the carribean. And in my opinion, they were actually pretty good. So if they could pull off some more awesome sci-fi and some more action-thriller **** then I don't see the new star wars being TOO horrible. But then again the story for star wars kind of ended at episode 6...
User avatar #292 to #245 - churrundo (11/03/2012) [-]
nah, **** disney. they ****** up the Avengers and nobody liked it!!

#281 to #245 - blahdudeblah (11/03/2012) [-]
Not really, all it did was show the emperor's death, the empire wasn't defeated for good, republic wasn't restored, and a new Jedi order wasn't founded.

The last trilogy (because yes, its another trilogy) is about the rise of the New Republic and the new Jedi order, and their fight to fully conquer the Empire.
#252 to #245 - anon (11/03/2012) [-]
Who says it has to take place after?
User avatar #254 to #252 - braedenclarkejanze (11/03/2012) [-]
dude, episode 1,2, and 3 were prequels to the main trilogy. anything before THAT would be a little lame.
User avatar #257 to #254 - theaxlminator (11/03/2012) [-]
how about the story that takes place between 3 and 4
User avatar #270 to #257 - HyperCrush (11/03/2012) [-]
There were actually 12 original stories that Lucas wrote.
User avatar #276 to #270 - theaxlminator (11/03/2012) [-]
yeah but i'm talking about a movie
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