US Ecomony. Please do not start a .. so you're saying the economy was moving, then it the american people, Bush bailed out and then obama came out of nowhere and seemed like he could help, but in r us obama bush


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YFW description
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get this man more thumbs!
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My man...
My man...
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it was exactly what i was thinking, but you went so far as to put it on a template, whereas i would have just put it in the comments lol. MFW
it was exactly what i was thinking, but you went so far as to put it on a template, whereas i would have just put it in the comments lol. MFW
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I would like to point out that in this gif, the "economy" was already out of control before "George W. Bush" was forced onto it.
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That's the point.
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OP logic:

posts political post
"don't start a ********* "
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you forgot the part where he turns around and runs them over again after he got in
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and you forgot the part where Romney... I forgot where I was going with this but I'm pretty sure that it involved dolphins and 200kilos of hand towels
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Mirack Obamney for mayor 2010
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**********		 EVERYWHERE!!!!
********** EVERYWHERE!!!!
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congress actually makes the vast majority of domestic decisions. The presidents real job is to come with ideas and run foreign policy while he approves stuff, but its not like he's the only guy making decisions. The vast majority of ideas every president has gets shot down by another Branch of government/organization, even if it would have solved the problem .
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sports related.
sports related.
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so you're saying the economy was moving, then it ****** the american people, Bush bailed out and then obama came out of nowhere and seemed like he could help, but in reality he just brought the economy to a halt instead of helping the american people.
seems accurate
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thank you for saying that
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dont tell that to the dems. they might call u racist!
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Republicans on this website. I HAVE FOUND MY BRETHREN,
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its best not to trust a man who triples the debt and wants to close Guantanamo Bay
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I was hoping that picture would be 1920x1080. I don't even like Obama, that's just funny as **** .
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I'm black and I agree with the guy.
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*********		!!!!!!
********* !!!!!!
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Based solely on what is shown in the .gif

The US economy went out of control and ran Bush over along with the rest of the American people. He then just did his best to ride out a bad situation, attempting to keep the economy from running over others. He managed to hang on until the end of his last term, which is where we see Obama take the wheel.

Make your own call about what occurred in reality.
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wut u gonna do 'bout it?
wut u gonna do 'bout it?
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< this is the kind of president we need!
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we had clinton, he ****** bitch, got paid, got kicked out........
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just sit back and enjoy the show
just sit back and enjoy the show
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Too much to ask, OP. Too much.

Also, this images may come in handy in the future.
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Yay for politcal ********** .

Fun fact: Both republicans and democrats suck dick. Quit humping either party.
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couldnt have said it any better
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"please do not start a ********* "
oh man OP that was good. funnier than the content, even. ahaha. ha.
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Lol, foolish little self-entitled liberal teenage brats, how ignorant you are. Allow me to educate you :D

Our problems were caused by the Clinton era, not the Bush era. Although I do like Clinton for many policies, he made horrible mistakes. Such mistakes include NAFTA and the forcing of banks to lend money to people they knew couldn’t pay back just so everyone could have house. Lol, yea we can clearly see how well that worked out (housing bubble, thus causing the major recession of 2008). Not only his, but Bush also had an all new type of war. But the most important thing we seem to neglect is the fact that the job rate was going up very well up until 2007 when the Democrats took the House and Senate (refer to the picture to your left).

Yet, Bush still raised out national debt 4.6 trillion dollars which is nothing to be proud of. This took him a grand total of 8 years, along with the help of NAFTA, the bubble, and the war. Within Obama’s first term, he has raised the debt 6 trillion dollars. Yup that’s right, our national debt is now at a whopping 16 trillion. If you honestly believe that won’t come back to hurt us, than you are truly naïve.

Now what else should I tell you about? Oh, maybe the fact that the top 1% of Americans (who bring in 40% of all Federal income taxes while your bottom 50% of Americans are only bringing in 2.9%) are leaving at a rate which is 7 times greater since 2008.

Now let's mention the fact that after rolling back the Clinton taxes, Bush collected more taxes from the wealthy than any other president. In fact, the amount doubled.

Lol I could honestly go on with this all day. I'm no Bush supporter, but to be blaming Bush 4 years later is ridiculous. It clearly shows your lack of of political/economic understanding. But anyways, I'm sure you're all more worried about that next Facebook status while sipping your iced Mocha.
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Whenever I say it was Clinton's fault, I get shut out right away and laughed at.

Because the ******* liberal media has made such a joke out of him that you have to be "stupid" to blame it on anyone else.
Thumb for you, sir.
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MFW description.
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