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#469 - anon (06/12/2012) [-]
This is the EXACT GIF and the same topic title of a post at REDDIT made a couple of days ago. I came here to have a look around of the site whose ad.min is stupid enough to try and harass Oatmeal out of 20K. Seems there are people here who are no different from your ad.min. This site is literally worse than 9gag.
#503 to #469 - anon (06/17/2012) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #138 at kill me ** holy patato batman a repost!
#502 to #469 - anon (06/17/2012) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #126 at Cheating. ** pic related?
#486 to #469 - anon (06/12/2012) [-]
I'm sorry, do you spend every second of your life searching the internet and crying when you see a repost?
#477 to #469 - anon (06/12/2012) [-]
Ooooo I'm getting downvoted for saying the truth? Kinda like what your ad.min is doing, suing oatmeal for telling the truth. Thanks for further proving my point faggots!
#482 to #477 - anon (06/12/2012) [-]
Downvoted? I smell a troll. 0/10 go back to 9gag.
#475 to #469 - anon (06/12/2012) [-]

Seriously. You people crying "I saw this on reddit" or "I saw this on damnlol an hour ago" don't understand that those sites are not the only sites on the internet and therefore there are a ******* of people who haven't seen it.

And anyway, stop acting like we're such big shots everytime we repost. We are literally the least known site on teh internet. We're not gonna get that 20k lawsuit, because ad.min is being a douche, but why does it matter so much to you that content from other sites is reposted here? We don't even get paid much.
#481 to #475 - anon (06/12/2012) [-]
Oh forgive me, I didn't know you folks are proud of your stolen material and are okay with supporting your moronic ad.min by patronizing this hellhole and giving him more money.

Please carry on!
#485 to #481 - anon (06/12/2012) [-]
We aren't proud. We don't support our ad.min either.

We come here because it makes us laugh. And again, so ******* what if it's stolen?

Go attack google for doing the same exact thing, Oh wait, google is a huge ******* site, you'd not stand a chance at trolling them, whereas we are a tiny ass site and so suddenly it's a big deal. Shoo troll, humans are laughing.
#489 to #485 - anon (06/12/2012) [-]
You support your ad.min by generating income for him through advertisements, giving him more gas to continue being a moron.

And I am not attacking this site nor am I a troll. I am not doing this for ***** and giggles, I am merely pointing out the truth.

But yeah, please carry on!
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