Four Dimensional "Cube". An animation of a Hypercube.. four dimensional? do you even know what you're saying?! it's a TWO dimensional animation with the idea of a 3-dimensional object (not a cube). hypercube math


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want to see a real 			********		?
want to see a real ******** ?
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four dimensional?
do you even know what you're saying?!
it's a TWO dimensional animation with the idea of a 3-dimensional object (not a cube).
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Correction: a two dimensional projection of a three dimensional projection of a four dimensional object
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In geometry, the tesseract, also called an 8-cell or regular octachoron or cubic prism, is the four-dimensional analog of the cube. The tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square. Copied from Wikipedia
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the tesaract is a way of transporting from one spot to another on the 3rd, done by folding thru the demension above, the 4th demention
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so if we add that together we have 5 DIMENSIONS!
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science is crazy
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Wait, is this a three dimensional representation of a four dimensional object on a two dimensional screen?
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it's a kind of tesseract, right?
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i hope that i am about to make someones day [url deleted]
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A tesseract and a hypercube are the same thing
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The 4th dimension is the time itself. This is a 2 dimensional cube trying to resemble a 3 dimensional cube.
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You're getting into an interesting topic... Its a debate between 3+1 dimensions vs quantum gravity and 11 spatial dimensions. The 3+1 is where we have our three dimensions as we know them, 11 spatial dimensions view time as motion through a 4th dimension, and all possible times a 5th etc., etc. Its confusing. Theres a really good video that describes it, i'll look for it and post it here
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Here it is com/watch?v=JkxieS-6WuA

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I have already seen the video. It gets complicated when he starts to mention the 7th dimension and up to the 10th. But the title says ''Four Dimensional "Cube"''. I just thought that OP didn't know the difference between the 3rd and the 4th dimension.
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I just got up, I don't want to think right now, guys. Come on.
I just got up, I don't want to think right now, guys. Come on.
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just for the gif.
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This gif made me explode with laughter.
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Got me the first time too. Couldn't control the laughter.
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Look up HowToBasic on Youtube.
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Dat Cube...
Dat Cube...
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That's a tesseract, a "shadow" of a fourth dimensional cube.
Science is so cool.
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I thought a tesseract was a glowing blue cube that powered an alien army?
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In the avengers it's a cude that inside the cude has infinite capicity as it holds the unisverse and just ocnnects at two point, which when you look at this shape you can see you can fit a cude inside a same sized cube which mean you could fit another same sized cude inside that and go on and on for infinity,
#21 to #20 - anon (05/31/2012) [-]
I'm dyslexic btw so I got cube and cude mixed up, not my fault blame God/genetics.
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so many posts on dimensions lately, still thumbs up for you
so many posts on dimensions lately, still thumbs up for you
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Alright, guys. What we got here is a complicated cubey thing. It's got 6 noticeable cube shapes making it up. I have pointed out one of these.
As they move, they distort. Much like how if you move a cube around, the squares on it appear thinner or shorter or longer.
A 4d dimension is basically infinite 3d spaces adjacent to our own. This means there could be a 4d entity in your room right now, but not in your specific 3d dimension.
Were it in your specific world, it might appear as a circle due to our 2d perceptions. This circle would heavily distort as it moved through your world, going from being a circle to being a circle with bulges on it to completely distorted.
Common misconception:
This dimension is an Euclidean space. Spacetime is not an Euclidean space. This dimension is not spacetime. Some spaces may treat it like time, but again, it is not really time.
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It's actually an animated shadow of a tesseract. We have no way of creating a "real" tesseract because it would have right angles to every right angle we know. Terence McKenna explains it well in his video on "flat land".
#69 to #67 - coldflare (05/31/2012) [-]
I totally read that book.
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I must say in our three dimensional world wouldn't a four dimensional "cube" look like a cube? In the book flatland when the sphere passes through the plane of flatland it simply looks like a circle that can change size. So a tesseract would appear to be a cube that change volume.
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pic related
pic related
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thats called a tesseract
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the way this can be seen as 4D is like seeing the shadow of a cube as 3D.

The dimensions work like this,1D= a line, one direction one dimension, length.

2D=2 or more 1D lines, 2 directions/dimensions, length and width.

3D=2 or more 2D shapes, 3 directions/dimensions, length width and height.

4D= 2 or more 3D solid shapes, 4 directions/dimensions, length, width, height, and something we cannot fathom living with our 3D perceptions.

we can make shadows of 4 dimensional shapes in 3 dimensions, but we can never really understand it until we break out of the 3rd dimension. just like we could make a shadow of a 3 dimensional shape in the second dimension.
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but if we can't see 4D ,how do we know if it even exist?
#17 to #14 - anon (05/31/2012) [-]
it is just like gas ex. hydrogen. we know it exits because **** you
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That is not true. Time is only a "general" idea of the 4th dimension that most people can understand. In actuality, time is NOT considered the fourth dimension.
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