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#3 - anon
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(07/29/2009) [-]
Am I the only one that thinks they all look gay? (except Jesus!)
#9 to #3 - anon
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(08/15/2009) [-]
ummm well the chatholic church practicaly considers being gay as evil as worshiping the jonas brothers
dont give me crap about the dam spelling and yes im catholic
#7 to #3 - anon
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(07/30/2009) [-]
I LOVE YOU (dude above me)
#6 to #3 - anon
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(07/30/2009) [-]
That is stealing jesus's right to be gay you son of a b*tch. Just coz he is the saviour of man/woman dosn't mean that he can't be homosexual. The way people assume things like that makes jesus die inside. Way to go asshole