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User avatar #5 - ipwnyoface (08/26/2011) [-]
Am I the only member of funnyjunk who actually has a social life? I'm really not trying to be an asshole, or anything along those lines, but I'm seriously questioning why I relate to none of these posts about personal experiences lately.
User avatar #16 to #5 - IamEllis (08/26/2011) [-]
"I dont get a joke, so it must be everyone else who is a pathetic loser."
oh ok.
User avatar #15 to #5 - thecatholic (08/26/2011) [-]
.... delete "funnyjunk" and replace with 4chan, and you would be just a little closer, but I actually know a /b/tard in person, so they have lives too. Point: Maybe you just don't get it.
User avatar #9 to #5 - Ohaithar (08/26/2011) [-]
yeah asshole there's thousands of members and you're the only one who goes outside, we're all basement feings who watch my little pony jerk off and have no friends.
Have a nice day asshole.
User avatar #14 to #9 - mkeller (08/26/2011) [-]
seems legit. trololol
User avatar #47 to #14 - exoh (08/26/2011) [-]
well on 4chan it is
User avatar #8 to #5 - sunio (08/26/2011) [-]
In my opinion, having a facebook does not mean you have a social life, no matter how many friends you may have. I barely get on facebook, all i ever hear is people complain about this and that. The only people who are putting positive posts are honestly my families friends, every other person on there just whines and bitches. And all of us don't get to be "mister popular"
User avatar #10 to #8 - gammajk (08/26/2011) [-]
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I think you'll like this then, particularily #5.
User avatar #17 to #10 - sunio (08/26/2011) [-]
I <3 you
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