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#30 - tonyaluma (06/29/2011) [-]
OMG! :O Im A Chosen One!

Sorry For Waste Your Time...
User avatar #324 to #30 - piedOL (06/30/2011) [-]
... Ads? How come I don't see any? People always say there's ads on Youtube and FJ, but for some reason, I never see them. Is it because of my country or something?
User avatar #382 to #327 - CyanideisHappiness (06/30/2011) [-]
Where do you live?
User avatar #386 to #386 - piedOL (06/30/2011) [-]
Trinidad. It's a small ************* country in the Caribbean. :/
User avatar #391 to #390 - CyanideisHappiness (06/30/2011) [-]
Yeah I've heard of it, and i always thought it was a nice place, what makes it a piece of **** ?

But, yeah that's probably why you don't see ads.
User avatar #433 to #395 - piedOL (06/30/2011) [-]
High crime rates. The average black person fits ALL the stereotypes. You can't successfully sue ANYBODY. Low job market (eg. No market for Writers and therapists). Horrible educational system where you lack true freedom (Though I guess that's global) etc. It is NOT a nice place! o_o
User avatar #32 to #31 - tonyaluma (06/29/2011) [-]
Im going to explain it to you...

the title says "oc cannon" and in the publicity that is in there says "Canon" its a little coincidence :D
User avatar #41 to #32 - VICTORx (06/30/2011) [-]
content detecting ads are creepy like that
#34 to #32 - hotfuzznarp (06/29/2011) [-]
lol i know
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