fuck new york. . TROPHY. I hate baseball....
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#3 - demonthewolf (10/31/2013) [-]
I hate baseball....
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User avatar #4 - TheExile (11/01/2013) [-]
As a Cards fan, I was sad to see them give up the Series so easily. I expected at least a little more out of them than what they gave in that last game. Oh well, great series, and gratz to the Red Sox. Was a great season, overall.
#2 - Hightower ONLINE (10/31/2013) [-]
Yay! A few more and the Sox will have double digit wins in the Series. Only 20 more to go to catch up to New York...
#5 to #2 - urbemarmis (11/01/2013) [-]
boston is in golden age of sports while new york is declining especially the yanks
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