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User avatar #8188 - Pedobearchaser (12/28/2012) [-]
so fit, even though i have a body fat % of ~13, I cant run at 8mph for 5 minutes without getting a cramp in my side. whenever my school runs beep-tests im one of the first ones out, and when we play sports im red and sweating my ass off in no time. I have asthma but it isn't all too bad most of the time. I lift around 3 times a week (with 5 minutes of treadmill to warm up) and play various sports at least 3 times a week. so although i'm not fat, i have no shortage of muscle in my legs, and im active, I can't run distance whatsoever... so why? and do i just have to run or bike to fix it?

TLDR: im fit but can't run for shit... 'splain, and do i just run to fix it?
User avatar #8208 to #8188 - hybridboxll (12/29/2012) [-]
Getting cramps in your sides from running is mostly caused by not breathing properly. In through your nose, out through your mouth.
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