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#671 - StonerDog (06/09/2012) [-]
QUESTION:i have been using this preworkout for a while but i built up a pretty good immunity, does anyone know about an affordable alternative?
#737 to #671 - darthlordrevan **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #678 to #671 - missingonebrick (06/09/2012) [-]
In all honesty, I would not recommend using this stuff at all, but if you want an alternative you can get the Promera Beta-Cret Micro-Concentrated Pre-Workout Intensifier.
#674 to #671 - wrapyourjesus (06/09/2012) [-]
Jacked is around $30.
User avatar #676 to #674 - StonerDog (06/09/2012) [-]
i have tried jacked but i almost lost my job because of it, it will make you fail a drug test for antidepressants
#679 to #676 - wrapyourjesus (06/09/2012) [-]
Holy cow! I haven't heard that before! Anyway go to this webpage. Everything on this sight is decent price and there are many reviews on each product so you can see which product is best for you. http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/goalpreworkout.htm hope it helps!
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