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User avatar #6487 - thelonelyfeel (10/18/2012) [-]
So I've been lifting 20lb dumbbells about 25 reps with each before a short minute or two break and then 25 more but twisting. Point is I don't feel like my right bicep is getting much of a workout? Should I just continue my regular routine or do more for that arm? (not asking for people to tell me to do more all together trust me I do more than enough reps a day)
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User avatar #6571 to #6570 - thelonelyfeel (10/20/2012) [-]
25 reps is too much to you? Did you read the stuff you sent me? I am doing the same workout the site told me to do.
I max out at 25 right now and that's what it said. Work till you max out with 40 second breaks in between and do that 3-4 times, and it told me to do regulars and hammer curls which is what I am doing. Though I added in an extra set.
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User avatar #6573 to #6572 - thelonelyfeel (10/20/2012) [-]
Lolwhut? Max is 12? Obviously we work out completely different XD
Well whatever man, we'll see in time how my workout goes.
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User avatar #6787 to #6786 - thelonelyfeel (10/28/2012) [-]
That's cool, as a personal trainer you should understand everyone has a different body. My brother does not work out ever at all in any way and he has a 6 pack and is ripped and only eats fast food yet I know people who work out, jog and eat healthy but are still less fit than he is.
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User avatar #6801 to #6799 - thelonelyfeel (10/29/2012) [-]
Idk probably around 140 and he is about 5'11.
Lol you are so mad it's hilarious, again everyone has a different body, I don't just do curls I do deltoid workouts, tricep workouts, chest workouts, pushups, and I jog lightly.
You can stay being mad, I'll stay over here being me and enjoying my life. ^_^
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User avatar #6803 to #6802 - thelonelyfeel (10/29/2012) [-]
So how ripped are you exactly? Post a pic.
I am sure you have decent muscle but I am not advertising that if people follow the same excercise regimen that I did that they can gain muscle. I am saying that I did gain 2 inches of muscle in 2 weeks of working out 100 reps or so every single day for 3 days, then about 150 with heavier for 4 days or so before starting to do a series of different types of workouts that were completely separate in the equation of the other 200-300 reps I did just for my biceps.

I will soon be able to work out again and when my arms are bigger I will let ya know. :P (check below for why I can't at the moment)
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User avatar #6808 to #6807 - thelonelyfeel (10/29/2012) [-]
Like I said you got decent muscle, you are also 6'3 which is taller than most body builders I've met. But again, everyone is different. Until I can get to a gym I will do the workout that (again you sent me and told me to do) I have been doing as soon as I can again.
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User avatar #6810 to #6809 - thelonelyfeel (10/29/2012) [-]
We have different definitions for decent, "shredded" in my book would be those guys that are TOO big, I consider your muscle to be big and "decent" in my book is used as in "Damn you got a decent amount" or in other words "a lot".

But once again, I will stick to my workout. You guys can doubt my gain all you want but half the shit that's happened in my life working out you guys would just say "bullshit" or "impossible" etc.
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User avatar #6813 to #6811 - thelonelyfeel (10/29/2012) [-]
I'm pretty sure I said before I'm doing what I can with what I have for now, of course I can't get huge doing the bit I'm doing but I can get somewhere and that's better than nothing. And once again I am doing the workout you sent me for biceps which said (not in exact words) "Do as many curls as you can till you max out, take a 40 second break and repeat till it's been done 3 times." and it said to do that at least 3 times a week.
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User avatar #6816 to #6815 - thelonelyfeel (10/29/2012) [-]
As I can not find the workout I can not backup my claims so I will take your word for it.
I will finally give in and ask, what do you suggest then with simple dumbbells? I can not do pushups or jogging at the moment.
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User avatar #6574 to #6573 - ascian (10/20/2012) [-]
Dude, listen to him. If you're training for endurance, then 25 reps is fine. But if you Mass or Strength, you need to look elsewhere. Go to 4chan. Go to /fit/ board. Read the sticky. Good luck.
User avatar #6578 to #6574 - thelonelyfeel (10/21/2012) [-]
I am dude, Idk how much people think I'm straining myself but 25 reps is where I need to push myself like everyone keeps telling me to do with the heavier weights, I'm just doing what I can. I'm not just like pumping out 25 reps as quick as I can or anything,
User avatar #6579 to #6578 - ascian (10/21/2012) [-]
Yeah what you need to do is get heavier dumbbells. Get ones where you'll be straining yourself as much as you do with your 25 reps.
User avatar #6580 to #6579 - thelonelyfeel (10/21/2012) [-]
I can't, I keep telling people here that but they don't listen. All I have to work with are the 20lb ones and will not be able to get anything heavier until my brother buys a curl bar.
I'm doing what I can for now and going to my max which currently is 25 until I can bump it up to 30 and so on. I'm not going to build any muscle just doing 12 reps with a 20lb.

I am not pushing myself too hard and I am not doing too little, I can see a big muscle gain and my arms are much bigger than they were 2 weeks ago.
User avatar #6582 to #6580 - ascian (10/21/2012) [-]
Alright, try doing other exercises with them in the mean time. Like Shoulder Press and Tricep Extensions. Good luck!
User avatar #6583 to #6582 - thelonelyfeel (10/21/2012) [-]
I do tricep and deltoid workouts as well. I was just focusing mainly on my biceps cause they looked so small but now they are big enough that I am content.
User avatar #6560 to #6487 - koalafication (10/20/2012) [-]
If you want to gain muscle then you're doing it wrong.
25 reps is endurance. Fuck that shit.

Pick a weight where the maximum number of reps you can belt out is 5.
I don't mean 5 reps and then you stop. I mean 5 reps and you couldn't even do a 6th if the life of your child depended on it.

Work on that til you get it up a few reps. Then increase the weight.
Also work out other things other than your arms. You won't get very far if you only work out arms.
User avatar #6563 to #6560 - thelonelyfeel (10/20/2012) [-]
25 is my max right now, I cant get any heavier weights
User avatar #6565 to #6563 - koalafication (10/20/2012) [-]
Get a backpack and fill it with rocks, then.
No excuses.
#6501 to #6487 - thelonelyfeel (10/18/2012) [-]
Ok question again, is it because my arms aren't defined that they look so small? I am 6'1 with a "cocky" build as people describe it but still. I was on body builder sites and saw dudes with even 13 inch biceps that looked huge. Idk if I just measured wrong or what but according to this seam thingy from my moms sewing kit I have 14 inch biceps flexed.
User avatar #6539 to #6501 - ImaFirinMahLazar (10/19/2012) [-]
Toning your arms will not make them look bigger, you must train the biceps, triceps and brachialis to effectively get bigger arms.
User avatar #6503 to #6501 - hybridboxll (10/18/2012) [-]
They could be fatceps, but you don't really look that fat, just... soft. Do you have any idea what your body fat % is?
User avatar #6504 to #6503 - thelonelyfeel (10/18/2012) [-]
No idea, but I have less than 10% fat in my bicep that's for sure. Even though I have a gut my arms never really got fat on them.
User avatar #6507 to #6504 - hybridboxll (10/18/2012) [-]
Also; in the picture your triceps is (almost) nowhere to be seen.
User avatar #6509 to #6507 - thelonelyfeel (10/18/2012) [-]
ANYWHO! Should I change anything or just keep doing what I'm doing (it should be noted I've only been working on my arms for 2 weeks and they were 12 inches flexed 2 weeks ago) or change my workout up?
User avatar #6512 to #6509 - hybridboxll (10/18/2012) [-]
I just read your comment that said: "I'm stuck with the ones I have for now but they are plenty since I'm not trying to body build or anything."

Then my advice is to simply add triceps exercises.
#6525 to #6512 - thelonelyfeel (10/19/2012) [-]
Here you go, 11 hours of no working out at all. Also my arm is flexed at more of a right angle.
User avatar #6526 to #6525 - hybridboxll (10/19/2012) [-]
Then there must be something wrong about your initial measurement. I'm sorry for the skepticism but 2 inches of pure muscle in 2 weeks is impossible. Ask anyone who has lifted weights for more than a year.
User avatar #6527 to #6526 - thelonelyfeel (10/19/2012) [-]
It's not impossible when you're doing between 200-400 reps every single day with 20lb dumbbells.
They said a lot of things were impossible before people proved otherwise. I MAY have measured wrong though but again I'll wait till the 30th and see how big they've gotten. There are a lot of workout routines with just dumbbells that almost guarantee an inch every 12 days.
#6528 to #6527 - hybridboxll (10/19/2012) [-]
You did NOT add 2 inches of pure muscle in 2 weeks. You didn't, you never will, no one will ever do it.

Get a real weight lifting routine instead of the 400 reps e'rryday you're doing. Trust me.

Just an example, so you understand the impossibility of your claims (pic related)
It took Alistair Overeem 5 years to go from 14-15" to 19-20" arms. That's 5 years for 5". His muscle gain was so fast that most people assume he did steroids like crazy. He was recently caught with unusually high levels of testosterone which backs that theory up.

There's no way you did what took steroids (probably), 4000+ calories per day and at least 4+ hours in the gym (not just lifting weights, but training kickboxing too) 2 long ass years in just 2 weeks.

It just didn't happen.
User avatar #6535 to #6528 - lolpandas (10/19/2012) [-]
Took me 6 months (at the start weightlifting) to go from 13" to 14 1/2" and that was scary gains in a short amount of time, still have the nasty stretch marks from it. Given I was also using creatine at the time. Then took me another 6 months to go from 14 1/2" to 15" lean. So a year for 2" (must be good genesand my nasty calorie input XD), but 2 inches in biceps in 2 weeks? In-fuckin-possible. Not without synthol, a good 90% of it being fat, or some god stack of beastdrol/dianabol. If 400 reps do anything, it would be tear your biceps to shreds. and take you under 11".

gains after 15" are deathly slow :/
User avatar #6546 to #6535 - hybridboxll (10/19/2012) [-]
And still he won't listen; he swears he'll be 16" by the 30th of this month hahahaha
#6788 to #6546 - thelonelyfeel (10/28/2012) [-]
I said 15 and had to stop working out a week ago because I couldn't stand or rest my feet on the ground to do any sort of reps (toe nail removal pic related) but you guys don't understand the difference of going from no muscle to just some apparently.
User avatar #6790 to #6788 - hybridboxll (10/28/2012) [-]
Yes, yes I do, I used to weigh 142lbs at almost 6'2".

It's not like you could have done curls while sitting, right? Shit would bee crazy
User avatar #6794 to #6790 - thelonelyfeel (10/28/2012) [-]
I had to keep my feet elevated until about 2 days ago, with chairs and such that have arms and needing to keep your feet elevated working out was too difficult, I tried.
User avatar #6796 to #6794 - hybridboxll (10/28/2012) [-]
But you still managed to work out for another whole week, right? You must have 15" arms by now.
User avatar #6800 to #6796 - thelonelyfeel (10/29/2012) [-]
Calm your butthurt son.
Again, going from regular sized muscles of someone who doesn't work out to gaining some muscle is not the same as going from working hard to be big and somehow going up 2 inches. You don't understand the basics of life eh?
User avatar #6804 to #6800 - hybridboxll (10/29/2012) [-]
No butthurt here, I'm in quite the joyful mood thanks to your delusions.

Anyway, are you 15" now?
User avatar #6805 to #6804 - thelonelyfeel (10/29/2012) [-]
Nope, I haven't been able to work out at all for the last week even though I tried to find ways to. Even though I technically wasn't working out for a period of time during it you will still get your formal apology.

Dear hybridboxll,

I, Sheep; of sound body and mind, do hereby apologize to you for my failure to increase my biceps to the sized I had previously foretold. While it may be harder to go from 14 inches to 15 inches now that I actually have some sort of muscle, I believed it to be possible and still do. But alas, I failed to meet my goal and must apologize to you. You were right, I did not gain the size I had previously wished, I am sorry for my miscalculation.
User avatar #6806 to #6805 - hybridboxll (10/29/2012) [-]
It's ok :)
User avatar #6797 to #6796 - hybridboxll (10/28/2012) [-]
Judging by your so-far miraculous gains of 1 inch per week.
User avatar #6530 to #6528 - thelonelyfeel (10/19/2012) [-]
Going from having pretty much no muscle to having some is not the same as increasing from already having substantial muscle to having more.
I am not trying to come off as a dick or anything but honestly my arms were only 12 inches flexed unless I measured wrong like you said I may have.
Again I'll see by the 30th, you've seen like 4 different photos of my arms measured at 14 inches even squeezing tightly on the muscle so you know they are at least that big even if there is some fat.
I will message you on the 30th and let you know how big they are then.

User avatar #6531 to #6530 - hybridboxll (10/19/2012) [-]
User avatar #6532 to #6531 - thelonelyfeel (10/19/2012) [-]
Hey that'd be nice, if they aren't at least 15 by then you WILL get a formal apology from me for measuring wrong but trust me, there was like...NO muscle at all. I could photoshop how big that used to look on me but you probably wouldn't believe the gain. I'll check my computer to see if I have a photo of me flexing within the last few months though.
User avatar #6529 to #6528 - hybridboxll (10/19/2012) [-]
P.S. It took him from 30-40 lbs of lean muscle to add those inches.
#6508 to #6507 - thelonelyfeel (10/18/2012) [-]
That's why I said my arms aren't defined, if you look in this photo you can see there is something there but my arms aren't really defined yet. My deltoids or whatever is just above the bicep is weak though as you can see in the photo.
#6505 to #6504 - hybridboxll (10/18/2012) [-]
What matters is the overall bf%. If you have a significant gut you're probably over 14%, which WILL manifest itself in other places; I'm willing to bet you can squeeze these parts even while flexed: (refer to the picture)

That's fat; it makes your arm resemble a cylinder and hides the shape of your biceps.
User avatar #6506 to #6505 - thelonelyfeel (10/18/2012) [-]
I actually can't honestly, I can take a video of me flexing my arm and squeezing around my bicep if you want. If you look around where the measuring tape is you'll see it's like squeezed down so it dents in my arm, that little bit is all the fat on my arm really. The rest isn't like rock hard but it's still all muscle, but I need to compact it so it is harder.
#6510 to #6506 - hybridboxll (10/18/2012) [-]
That can't be all muscle because, well, there's very little volume at the ends of the bicep; the problem is that you're flexing your arm too much; try that again with a 90 degree bend on your elbow.

The measuring tape shouldn't really dig into your muscle if your body fat % is low enough.

Now... In my opinion you should stop wasting time with those 25-rep sets and either join a gym or get heavier weights and train all of your body instead of just 1 muscle. But you will most likely ignore that so go for the second best thing: Use the dumbbells you have to work your entire body. Triceps, chest, back, shoulders, traps, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, abs, etc.
If you don't want to do that; at least add some triceps exercises so your arm looks normal (it should also bulge downwards).

I'll have to call bullshit on the 2 inches in 2 weeks unless you're measuring right after a workout. It usually takes about 10lbs of lean muscle to gain 1 inch in your arms (this rule of thumb is bro-science, but it's true for most people I've talked to).
User avatar #6513 to #6510 - thelonelyfeel (10/18/2012) [-]
I don't measure my arm until a few hours after a workout. I have my arms marked at 14 inches on October 16th, hopefully they will be 16 inches on the 30 so you'll believe me but I find that would be MUCH harder. Are you asking me to post on with my arm flexed like in the photo? Cause I can't even flex my arms any harder than it is at a right angle unless I push on my fist with the other hand.
I do deltoid, tricep, chest, bicep, and forearm workouts with the dumbbells I have. If I could join a gym I would but I'm poor ;_;
User avatar #6515 to #6513 - hybridboxll (10/18/2012) [-]
Try measuring it as soon as you wake up. My arms are usually 1.5 inches bigger after a high-rep (15-18) workout for 1 hour. This is only a guess, but I imagine if you go even higher in reps, like you, this "pump" could last longer.
User avatar #6516 to #6515 - thelonelyfeel (10/18/2012) [-]
I think you said that because I bumped up my reps that it made my muscle stay pumped longer so I should measure after it's rested? If so alright, idk what time I'll go to sleep today but I'll measure it right after I wake up and post a pic for you.
But you are right I should probably knock up my tricep workout since I do a max of maybe 50 of 2 types of reps, and like 20 of another a day which is nothing compared to my bicep workout.
User avatar #6511 to #6510 - hybridboxll (10/18/2012) [-]
PS. You won't build a significant amount of muscle unless you have a caloric surplus.
User avatar #6498 to #6487 - professormeatwad (10/18/2012) [-]
Continue doing it evenly. Don't do double just for your right or something.
User avatar #6499 to #6498 - thelonelyfeel (10/18/2012) [-]
Alright thanks for the second opinion. ^_^
I looked at them compared and even though the left feels bigger they look the same.
#6488 to #6487 - lolpandas (10/18/2012) [-]
More for your right arm? I'd keep it even for both arms, you don't want to end up like this. Try a variety of curls though. Hammer curls, reverse grip curls, etc. Or even go for buying heavier weights.
User avatar #6489 to #6488 - thelonelyfeel (10/18/2012) [-]
I'm stuck with the ones I have for now but they are plenty since I'm not trying to body build or anything.
But I just wanted to know really if it is normal to feel it more in one arm than the other, my brother told me it's cause my right is my dominant so my left isn't used to it.
But alright I'll try different types too.

User avatar #6490 to #6489 - lolpandas (10/18/2012) [-]
Yeap, the majority of people are stronger on one side. For me it's my left even though i'm right handed. Amazingly, your body isn't symmetrical which is why one sides limb could be stronger or even a bit longer.
#6500 to #6490 - thelonelyfeel (10/18/2012) [-]
(ignore the bad quality) This is what I'm talking about, the left arm has definition and I can't see it in the right. If I compare the muscle size when flexing them regular they are the same size though
User avatar #6491 to #6490 - lolpandas (10/18/2012) [-]
well it is symmetrical, just not perfectly.
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