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Lately ive been feeling depressed and unmotivated to lift. I started lifting because i know in the long run it will make my life easier. I know i will look and feel better and i know it will give me some confidence when talking to girls (the main reason why i started lifting in the first place) but lately ive just been depressed as all hell and not motivated at all. Any help would be much apreciated.
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Mmm I know that feel bro.

How about, go for 1 month to the gym not missing ONE day of your planned days - Let's say you go 3 days a week, right? Then go those 3 days for a month. Do not for any reason miss them. It's only a month anyways, right? Make yourself feel good about going.

After that month you will have a habit. You will feel BAD for not going. If one day you haven't gone to the gym and you should have gone, you will feel uncomfortable, like something was lacking. You will, then, go to the gym. And feel awesome again. Sometimes I have really shitty days, but if AT LEAST I go to the gym then I know i have accomplished ONE thing in that day, then I will automatically feel much better. Make it natural going to the gym, and not natural skipping gym.

Another way? The more unmotivated you feel the more you're going to go to the gym and train harder. That's your punishment for being unmotivated. Say to yourself "unmotivated? FUCK! YOU!!!!! NOW YOU'RE GOING TO TRAIN DOUBLE FOR BEING SUCH A SUCKER!!!" and then you go and train double. You will learn to not be unmotivated and if you get unmotivated you will train double. WIN-WIN.

Sorry for the rant.

Here's a pic of my cat resting and recovering just after her surgery :3