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Some fat burning exercises and a good diet for fast weight loss?

Trying to get into shape before school and i got maybe a month or 2.
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By "eat less" I don't mean starve yourself or eat nothing but lettuce. Google how to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate to figure out how many calories your body uses up just by existing. To that add the amount of calories you'll burn throughout the day.

Once you have that number, subtract 500~750 and Google a balanced diet for that quantity of calories.

Good luck :)
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Fat burning will ALWAYS come down to simple math. Calorie intake - Calorie expenditure = x

If it's negative you'll lose weight, if it's positive you'll gain it.

So, for fat loss: Eat less, exercise more. If your only objective for the moment is losing weight instead of gaining muscle I'd recommend you to do High Intensity Interval Training (with 30 second intervals) 3-4 times a week and steady state cardio the rest of the days.
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Let me start off by saying this: You're not going to get as much done as you want in that period of time; while you'll still make progress, you're not going to go down five sizes and fifty pounds.

Anyways, the best way to develop muscle tone (whether it be tone or bulk) is my something called 'Muscle-confusion'. What Muscle-confusion is, is where you work you muscles in different ways over a period of time so they don't develop a plateau, or where you aren't making any progress with them (i.e. where you're curling 75 lbs and you're not making any progression, just 75 week after week). The best way to prevent muscle-confusion is to do different workouts.

TL;DR do the WOD on www.crossfit.com every other day until you can build up to every day (besides rest days).
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Please don't misinform people. Muscle confusion is not real; your muscles can't become "confused".

If you want to develop muscle you must strive to increase the amount of resistance in each exercise movement and you must give the muscles of your body enough rest and nutrition in order to repair themselves and grow.

Feel free to read my answer to metrotoxic so you know what to say next time.
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Muscle confusion is a real thing. They call it 'confusion', but what's actually happening is your muscles have adapted to what you've been doing so well that they don't put anymore effort into growing (because there's no need to). What happens is if you're benching every other day, at first (a month or more) you'll be noticing some pretty decent increases. You could go from 150 - 175, but after that your muscles (brain if you want to be technical) think "Hey, if this is the same movements that he's going to be doing, why don't we fill enough spaces to keep at this, and start using these proteins else-where."

That's the best way that I can think to put it.
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That's why you have to keep increasing the resistance (weight) and pushing it one step further every time you go to the gym. Always try to lift heavier and your muscles fibers will keep on breaking.
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(what I put about the "'confusion'" thing was incorrect, every now and again I'll daze off and type in circles like that, but this should explain a little on what it is, not how it happens.)
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Consistency is key in bodybuilding; if you change workout so often you're going to lose the advantages that come with it..

It's essential to modify your workout routine, I know, but not every day. It should be done every month or two, once you've actually made quite a bit of progress in those exercises.
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Yeah, that's what I've been talking about. I tried to change it up every workout and noticed that I was actually losing progress.

Now I'm just trying to get back into cross fit. (I had one and a-half cups of coffee, plus my preworkout supplement, I should be ready to go.)
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I see, so we were always talking about the same thing hahaha, the problem was that "Muscle Confusion" by definition means changing the routine every workout.

Good luck!
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Or to bulk up you can do a workout known as HST, look it up.
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Google 'Scoobys workshop". I have high respect for that man. Everything is free, the site is his way of giving back to the bodybuilding community.
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