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User avatar #3773 - eyerandomz (07/16/2012) [-]
What's /fit/'s view on P90x/x2?

currently halfway through P90x2 at the moment.
User avatar #3798 to #3773 - hybridboxll (07/16/2012) [-]
There are better ways for you to stop being fat.
User avatar #3802 to #3798 - eyerandomz (07/16/2012) [-]
if it works, costs the same as a gym member ship (over a period of time), and enables me to do the workouts whenever/wherever, then why is it so bad to do it?
User avatar #3820 to #3802 - hybridboxll (07/16/2012) [-]
You could run around your house for however-long P90X workouts are and get the same results.

Running around is free, by the way.
User avatar #3834 to #3820 - eyerandomz (07/16/2012) [-]
and I received it as a gift.
User avatar #3832 to #3820 - eyerandomz (07/16/2012) [-]
not necessarily, just running alone wont really give me the definition/athleticism I'm looking for. P90x2 is all about core engagement with every move, which I need since I had a pretty bad back injury that stemmed from a birth defect a couple years ago. It's different for every person, but for me personally I think I get more out of doing P90x2 then just going to the gym everyday. And plus I can get a workout done in about an hours worth of time, which makes it ideal to do in the morning before classes/work.
User avatar #3840 to #3832 - hybridboxll (07/17/2012) [-]
"I get more out of doing P90x2 then just going to the gym everyday"
No... Just... No... Exercising at home is nowhere near as useful as working out in a gym unless you have a complete set of dumbbells and barbells.

It IS useful, you WILL see results; just not as good as if you went to a gym.

I'm telling you this from experience. I first started working out at home with a few dumbbells and a pullup bar, and I saw progress, sure. But after I joined a gym I was amazed at how much faster and noticeable the progress was.
#3782 to #3773 - eldeeko (07/16/2012) [-]
not even once.
#3809 to #3782 - anonymous (07/16/2012) [-]
Try it first fatass.
User avatar #3788 to #3782 - eyerandomz (07/16/2012) [-]
even if your bullshit is true, I don't need to gain muscle mass, just get lean and more cut.
#3774 to #3773 - anonymous (07/16/2012) [-]
cool stuff

for abercrombie and fitch faggots (aesthetics)
#3787 to #3774 - eyerandomz has deleted their comment [-]
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