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I get you bro- I have about the body shape: I'm 6'1 16 yrs old and WAS 210. I think the best way to lose some weight would be running, especially morning jogs. I try to do run 2-3 times a week and it works out great. Here's is what I did to get started:
*Plan your route- try to go somewhere RURAL(or to a park), this is very important because it will let you run as you please without the idea of a passer by watching you and more importantly it will give you time you think, making the jog more enjoyable/painful
*Go out in the morning- as I mentioned before there are a lot of advantages: the air isn't too hot, there isn't much people out, and it wakes you up for the day. I try to go out around 7am.
*Eat a small snack before going out- The last thing you want while you're running is to pass out for lack of food. Eat something small, like a few grapes or an apple, you'll have time to eat a full breakfast when you get home (hopefully). This will also give you energy for the jog. If you eat too much you run (pun) the chance of getting a cramp, which takes me to the last step:
*STRETCH!- This is by far one of the most important things to remember! Do this for about 3-4min right before you go for the jog. When I first started to jog I would never stretch, until while running my left leg I believe cramped up and I fell over in the middle of the jog in excruciating pain. Look up a few stretches online that will fit (another pun) you the most. I generally do toe touches and side to side stretches.
That's pretty much all I got, though what I explained may just be scratching the surface you'll figure out the rest as you do this. Though at first it may be hard to get used to, push through and it will be well worth the effort. I've done this for almost 3 months along with other things and I'm down to 190. If you any questions feel free to ask. Just push through.
Do good and believe in yourself!
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i would personally recommend that you try to stick to a diet around 2,000 to 2,500 calories. and for a good workout run a good amount a day the more you stick with this the more you should run each day